Friday, June 27, 2014

Disneyland Day 3

Our third day at Disneyland was yellow and green day. We started the morning out separate from both the Daniel's, who were in California Adventures, and Isaac and Keith, who went on a Disney Magic tour. Grandma Nancy had treated Sareny and Finley to a fantastic morning of pampering at Bibbity Bobbity Botique, and we were supposed to come in with their hair down. Made things easier for me--didn't have to style anyone's hair but my own! We played around at the sword in the stone while we waited for their appointment.
They were matched up with their fairy godmother's in training, and then picked out their hair style and made color and makeup selections.
 They were so excited and had been looking foward to this part of the trip for months!

 Keeley was pretty good waiting with us.

 Sareny getting started.
 She had one person working on her hair, and another working on her nails and makeup.

 They got to pick which glitter jewel they wanted on their face.
 They picked the same hair style, and really, I thought it was the cutest option.
 Finley getting pampered.
 I just love the happy looks on their faces.

 They had to hold a face shield up to get sprayed with glitter and hair spray.

 Here is the big reveal for Princess Finley.
So cute!
 And here is Princess Sareny.
 Finley all glammed up.
 Sareny all glammed up.
The package (which was quite expensive) came with a shirt and tutu that they wore that day, so that was the end of yellow and green day.

 Here they are with Grandma Nancy at the side passage in the castle--right by the exit for the boutique.
 Such pretty girls!
Then we watched a cute Rapunzel show at a nearby little theater. It was really good!
 We also had time to ride Pirates of the Caribbean while we waited for the boys to finish their tour. Sareny was wearing Isaac's bomber jacket, for some reason.
 A close up of Sareny's hairstu.
 And still in line.
 We also got ourselves a little ice cream treat while we waited, and then Isaac and Keith met us there.
We headed over to CA and met up with the Daniels, where Winter had gotten her face painted. The girls were so cute together!
 We can't possibly walk by a carousel without riding it, of course.

 Then the Daniel's and Sareny and Isaac stood in line for the new Car's ride, which was like 80 minutes long. We opted out and took the little kids to ride some things in A Bug's Land.
 Keith and Finley had fun on the bumper cars.
 Keeley wasn't tall enough.

 Then we all rode Francis's Lady Bug Boogie.

 Here is Grandma and Finley on Heimlich's Chew-chew train.
 We also saw the Tough to be a Bug show.
We met up with the rest of our group and were able to ride the Car's ride using the switch off passes we had acquired--so it was a win-win.
And speaking of win-win--somehow it worked out that every time we rode the car's ride, our car managed to win! That was pretty cool. We had such a super fun day! And since there is an obvious lack of Isaac in this post, here he is first thing that morning in his bright green. Sadly, the Daniel's had to head back to Phoenix the next morning, but we still had one day left.