Monday, April 29, 2013

KeeKee gets into mischief

A baby and a box of tissues. Need I say more??
Keeley loves getting into the cupboards. We have locked up the ones that we can, but some of them are just free game.
On this day, she was actually climbing right in and sitting down.
Which was all fun and games until she decided she wanted out, and that six inch ledge was just a little too frightening.
Her poor, sad little snotty nosed face! Sadly, this is the face I see more often than not, because lately she just is not very happy. If I stand up, she is right there with me crying and pulling on my leg. If I sit down, she cries for me to pick her up and as soon as I do, she is squirming and trying to get down. When I let her down, she immediately starts crying and wants me to pick her up. And this cycle repeats All. Day. Long. She wakes up grouchy and she goes to bed grouchy.
Last night when I went to rock her before bed, she actually snuggled in on my shoulder and layed there. I was like, what the heck?! Usually, I sit down to rock her for a minute and she is arching and pushing and struggling to get away. After a couple minutes of this, I lay her in her bed and she goes to sleep. Which is nice, but she does not snuggle or hug. Ever. Very rarely, she will give kisses.
Then this morning came another shocking moment. I was laying in bed feeding her and she sat up and looked around. Then she decided she was done eating and she lay down by me and snuggled up to me. And she stayed there and let me hug her! That hasn't happened, like ever. Usually, as soon as she is done eating, she is sliding off the edge of the bed and running.
I realize this sounds like I am complaining, and sure, I am. But I also thought it might be helpful to remember this info for when Keeley is all grown up and taking care of her own difficult, fussy toddler, and I can remember a little bit what that was like. And also I can say, "Hey, if anyone deserves it..."

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Sareny's Birthday

We celebrated Sareny's birthday in the evening with our family. I somehow didn't take pictures of any of the adults, but John, Lexi, and Scott came, although Scott had to leave early and now I can't remember why. Sareny selected tacos for her birthday dinner, and they were super delish. Then she opened up her presents. The Ronquillos gave her some really cute and fancy chocolates and an itunes giftcard.
Lexi and Scott gave her some nailpolish and fake fingernails.
Finley gave Sareny this cute shirt, and not pictured--Isaac gave Sareny a One Direction cd.
And, in keeping with tradition, Daddy gave Sareny these bras. When I was in fifth grade, my dad gave me my first bra for Christmas. (And yes, I was kind of old to be getting a first bra...I think my parents were in denial that I was growing up and liking it!) I remember being super embarrassed opening that up on Christmas morning, so we decided it would be a good idea to give Sareny that same experience. haha.
Grandma Nancy sent this cute tea set that Sareny absolutely loves.
And this huge present was from mommy. These is just something super cool and exciting about a giant gift, am I right?
All the kids helped her unwrap it.
Then she had to pull out the packing material. (There could be anything in there!~A Christmas Story)
And then she finally opened it up and saw that it was a hot pink moon chair for her room.
The kids climbed on, and Rhys is even pictured on the iphone where they were doing facetime.
Keeley walked up to the chair, and Lexi was like, "Come on and have a sit in the headmaster's chair, KeeKee!" and put her in for a go. That quote is from She's the Man, and it was pretty funny when she said that.
Sareny checking out the tea set, which came in a cute little wicker basket.
And then Keeley became our totes cra-cra cheerleader with the poof balls. She picked them up and was running around shaking them. It was pretty cute and funny.
And look at that--I did get a picture of John and Lexi.
You can see the motion in the above picture.
Then we went in the kitchen for birthday Hula Pie. Sareny picked that as her treat instead of cake, and it was super yummy! It was John's first time experiencing the yummyness of Hula Pie, and I think he approved.
Happy birthday to our growing up too fast nine year old girl! We love her tons.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Sareny's Piano Recital

Sareny started taking piano lessons last June, and she had her first piano recital on her birthday this year.
She was a little nervous before the recital, but she did really good.
She played three songs: the theme from Star Wars, the Bubblegum Song, and Bach's Minuet.
We made her wear her birthday badge on her dress.
At the end of her final number, the book started closing and she had to tilt her head with it to keep playing, but she did really good.
Then she had to curtsy at the end.
The students Deseret teaches: front row Allie, Sareny, Alora (pouting on the floor) Shea. Back row: the Wray's cousin, Jenna, Echo, Megan, Noah, Jackson, Zach. It was a really fun performance, and all of the kids did great!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Boom Boom the Monkey

Isaac's class has a pet monkey and the kids each take a turn bringing him home with them. After letting Boom Boom experience a day in their life, the kid writes about their time with Boom Boom. Isaac took Boom Boom for a ride on his scooter and helped him climb a tree.
Then he climbed a hill with Boom Boom.
When we went in, he introduced Boom Boom to his favorite activity--electronic devices.
Isaac and Boom Boom played wii for a little while before it was time to go to bed. I love how Isaac gave Boom Boom his own remote to hold. What cute little monkeys!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

A new dress for Finley

Finley picked out a new dress, and I thought she looked so cute.
Her little black boots looked so cute with her new dress.
Here she is waiting for her ride to preschool, with her Lalaloopsy backpack.
Making a silly smile at her mom.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

St. Patrick's Day

We all wore green to church on St. Patty's day, and came home to a traditional, delicious dinner of corned beef and cabbage.
Sareny and Isaac have their forks ready to go, and Finley is eyeing up the meat in the above picture!
I love our bonny wee lass!

Monday, April 22, 2013

Weddings and Cupcakes Galore

We had a final wedding event for Lexi, which was her Arizona open house. Several months ago, I somehow found myself volunteering to make over 200 cupcakes for the event. That's a lot of cupcakes. Especially when you consider that I made 70 red velvet cupcakes that I just didn't like how they turned out, so I had to scrap them and make something else instead.
We made an assortment of chocolate peanut butter cupcakes, Oreo cupcakes, and snickerdoodle cupcakes. I really thought all three varieties turned out so yummy and cute.
 Here I am with KeeKee behind the cupcake display table. I was honestly surprised when I ended up liking the snickerdoodle cupcakes the best--I was worried they wouldn't be able to compete with cupcakes gobbed up with Reese's candy and oreo cookies, but I think they held their own.
Here is our family at the venue. The open house was held at Verrado, a planned community in Buckeye. It was a really pretty area.
Lexi and Scott headed over to sample the cupcakes before everybody arrived. They must have known they would get busy, because Lexi said that was the only cupcake she got the whole evening.
John had flown in because of some family medical emergencies, and he took a break from the hospital to come hang out with us. It was really nice to have him there!
The kids had lots of fun running around with their friends.
I have to point out here that I actually did Sareny and Finley's hair, since it seems like usually if it looks fancy or exceptionally cute, somebody else did it. Sammy and Sareny.
Cute little IJ Isaac.
Sammy, Sareny, Scott's cousin Grace, Finley, and Sydney.
 Lexi came over and stood on the wall with the little girls.
The bride and groom by the fountain.
And a more closeup shot of them.
It was a really beautiful reception, and a really beautiful night. Apparently I didn't get any pictures, but Grammy Jo and Bampa were there as well. In fact, Keith and my dad went golfing the morning of the reception and Grammy Jo helped me finish up the cupcakes by attaching the mini oreo, chopped Reese's, or cinnamon sugar as I frosted them.