Sunday, August 7, 2011


The kids started gymnastics back in May, and they are loving it! Isaac is in a kick and tumble class that combines tumbling and karate. For his first session, it was just him and one other little boy. First they have to warm up and stretch.
Practicing somersaults.
Working on punches. Since the class was so little, the teacher didn't mind if Finley wanted to join in.
Poor Finley has to do a lot of waiting. She is an attentive audience.
Sareny has really enjoyed her gymnastics class, and is pretty good. She can do the splits now, and recently tested into level 2. She is wearing the gray pants and navy shirt in the photos.

Grandpa's visit, part 2

I'm not sure why I love this picture. I think just because it shows how little the kids still are, and how they still need their daddy to do things for them. It seems like they are just growing up way too fast, and before I know it, they'll be all grown.

Can you spot the hidden wildlife in this picture?

How about now?
What is so ironic about the fact that we just happened to see a rattlesnake, was how terrified Isaac was about snakes before any mention of one. On the way up the path, he heard the wind blowing a metal chain into a pole. He stopped, screamed hysterically and ran back to me, asking me if that was a snake he heard. And then when we were ready to leave the Star Tower, we were warned about a rattlesnake at the side of the path. I am certain we would have missed it if we hadn't known it was there. It was kind of cool to see a snake in the wild, but we kept our distance. After we left the tower, we went to north lake to walk around it. I was really mad that we forgot to bring a stroller, but both Finley and Isaac were really good about walking by themselves the mile around the lake. Sareny had her scooter, so she was able to go way faster than us. Then when we got back to our house, we celebrated Grandpa's birthday.
On Monday, which was Memorial Day, we went swimming.
Finley was getting pretty brave.
Sareny had a lot of fun swimming with her grandpa.
Isaac is getting to be a really good swimmer.
We had a really nice visit, and then we had to drop Grandpa Verne off at the eye clinic. The last time grandpa was able to come visit us was for Isaac's baby blessing--hopefully it won't be that long before he is able to visit us again!

Grandpa's visit part 1

When grandpa Verne came to visit, we took a little walk up to the Star Tower. The kids were all in their jammies, but still super cute, so we took some pictures.
Isaac accidentally dropped his shoe in the water, and Finley was very concerned.
Fortunately, grandpa saved the shoe.
Daddy sat the kids on the top ledge. A little bit scary!
I think Finley looks so much like her aunts Heather, Holly, and Marla in this picture, it kind of looks like Verne is holding one of his own children.
Grandpa with all of the kids.
The last time we had gone to Star Tower was when Lexi had visited, and we that time we had lots of fun doing silly "teen model poses." Sareny apparently remembered...
Blogger apparently has a problem with posts with lots of pictures, so I will have to end this post here. More on this trip later.