Saturday, September 17, 2011

Summer Vacation part 2

No trip to Grammy's house is complete without a bubble bath in the jetted tub. The kids enjoyed their Sunday morning bath, but with so many bubbles, once they are done playing they have to get in the shower to rinse off and actually wash their hair.
On Monday, we loaded up into the ranger for a trip to the Muddy River. Bampa stopped right on the edge of the river, and before we knew it, we had sunk deep into the sand. This picture is after we had worked quite a bit and raised the ranger up considerably.
We spent quite a while digging out, and Isaac in particular was very worried, but thanks to his prayers and a lot of work, we got out. Then we were able to get set up in the river, which is really pretty shallow and slow moving.
While we had a good time, in August this river is anything but cool and refreshing. It felt kind of like stepping into a bathtub. A really muddy bathtub. The kids had fun playing with the sand toys and we had a little water fight.
The one sentence every mother is dying to hear from her son: Mom, look at the mud angel I made!
The cutest little muddy face in the world.
On Tuesday, Grammy Jo and I took the kids to Mesquite to see the new Winnie the Pooh movie. It was actually really cute, and we had the entire theater to ourselves. Afterwards, I tried to get a cute picture of the kids with Grammy. Finley occasionally makes these crazy goofball faces.
Everyone looks cute in this one.
And Bampa took the kids for another long ranger ride.
On Wednesday after Grammy got home from work, we took the kids to the Logandale pool where they had fun jumping off the diving board. I was worried the lifeguards wouldn't let Finley jump, but they were fine with it. She was able to swim mostly to the edge and I helped her the rest of the way.
 Isaac and Sareny wanted to actually dive, but I don't think either of them succeeded.
These kids love diving boards!
The next morning, we got up kind of early and drove down to the school to say goodbye to Grammy and Bampa. It was kind of sad, but we were all looking forward to seeing Daddy, and we had a fun camping trip planned for the next day to look forward to as well.


Jolynn said...

That was so fun. You need to come again! Next year come in June, and the river will be cooler and more fun. We love those kiddos so much! (and you and Keith too, of course!)

holli jo said...

Too fun! The kids look so big - I wish we could have been there. :( Wah.

lexi said...

i love that sareny and igits tried to dive off the diving board. looks like a fun trip.