Wednesday, May 21, 2008

10th Anniversary

I decided to create my own blog, since I don't know how to post on our family's blog and I wanted to be able to post pictures and stuff. So we just had our 10th anniversary this past friday. We celebrated by going north a couple of hours near Sedona. We stayed at the Super 8 in Cottonwood, which sounds lame but was actually pretty fun. Keith was looking at bed and breakfast inns in the area, but since we had to take our kids with us, I told him to just get a place that had a pool. On Saturday we rode the Verde Canyon Railroad, which is a four hour round trip train ride. It was pretty cool. Each car had a viewing platform attached to it so you could go outside and enjoy the view. I was glad it wasn't any longer with the kids; although they enjoyed it, it was still a little difficult to keep them entertained and happy. So I'll put up a few pictures from our trip. If I can figure out how...

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