Friday, October 17, 2008


Okay, so my cousin Gina tagged me while I was on vacation, so this is the earliest I have been able to do it. First I have to post the 4th picture from my 4th folder, so here it is:

This was taken on Mother's Day and shows Sareny modeling the baby sling I made for her. Also featured is my pregnant tummy.

So now I'm supposed to list 6 quirky things about myself, and I don't know if I can come up with that many...I seem pretty ordinary to myself.

1. I am picky about which M&M colors I will eat. My favorites are the brown ones, and blue are also pretty good. Third choice would be yellow. I will eat the green ones, but if all that is left are the red and orange ones, I will leave them in the bowl. I've tried a couple of blind taste tests and so far passed. I only recently realized that most people just reach randomly in and eat whichever one they pull out.
2. Ever since Sareny was born, I have sewn my kids' Halloween costumes. This year, realizing I was short on time, I bought Sareny a costume. However, something in me just won't let her wear that cheap rag, so I am sewing her a costume anyway. Keep in mind this is neither cheaper nor easier.
3. This is kind of yucky and embarrassing, but I sleep with (as Keith puts it) "a nasty old teddy bear." I have had this ragged thing since high school, and it is just more comfortable to sleep with it. I'm not particularly attached to it, but I do sleep with it every single night. I will get out of bed to find it if I have to. I have hinted that I would accept a nice squishy pillow as a substitute, though.
4. Several years ago, I did Nanowrimo--which means national novel writing month. You're supposed to complete an entire novel in the month of November. I did cheat a little though, since my novel was a Trixie Belden fan fiction. I'm the only one who has read this little gem.
5. I have a strong preference to eat with the salad fork and the small spoon. I have even been known to wash a small spoon or fork by hand if they are all dirty.
6. I have eaten Honey Bunches of Oats with Almonds for breakfast every day for many years now. (Except for brief periods during pregnancy.) Somewhere along the line I realized that I liked the last bite of cereal in my bowl the best, and the last bite from the very tail end of the box was the very best. So I have started crushing my cereal into little pieces and I let it sit a couple of minutes after I pour the milk to accomplish this effect with every bite. Yum!
So that's a little about me--I know, pretty normal, right? If you would like to do this post, then I tag you. It was actually pretty fun, although it definitely helps to have your husband or maybe a friend or roommate remind you of the quirky things you do. I will also tag Amy, Amy, Lexi, Vicki, Misty, and Shauntel. Have fun!


Jolynn said...

Well, you just ruin Honey Bunches of Oats, in my opinion. And I'm with Keith on your nasty old teddy bear. I've almost been sorry I bought it for you. But I guess I'm glad it has brought you so much comfort. I have never heard you hint about a pillow though. And didn't I read your Trixie gem? Maybe not.

lexi said...

why are you not sharing your trixie beldon fanfic gem with the rest of us? remember when we played trixie beldon in your swimming pool. i dont remember which apartment that was at though.

Melanie said...

You have great quirks! Looks like you had a good time on your trip. Those drives are so brutal!

holli jo said...

First, Sareny's sling is adorable! Does she use it?

Secondly, you're not ordinary. Also:

I am picky about M&Ms too. Best is brown and green. Then orange, then yellow. Blue and red = not as good. But I'll eat them.

And I can't believe you can eat one type of cereal every day for years. I have to mix it up. And you definitely ruin the HBO. I have to eat my cereal as crunchy as possible. So sometimes I only pour half a bowl and then another half after I eat the first half, just so it's all crunchy.

Anyway. I'm being overly wordy. Oh, one more thing: In regard to your comment on our blog. We think Finley and Rhys look somewhat alike - so there must be a common characteristic between the two of them...

The Wyatt Spot! said...

Wow! That's so funny about the M&M's! I am one of those that just grabs a handful and eats them all. I can't taste a difference! Is there really a taste difference?

Fun to learn stuff about you!

debra g said...

I'm with the Wyatts (nice to meet you). Who cares when you're in a dark theater anyways? But we still love you, Hillari. Glad you shared.