Saturday, January 10, 2009

Fun at the park

While still at Grammy Jo and Bampa's after Christmas, we took a trip to the local park so the kids could try out their new Christmas presents. Sareny, Isaac, and their cousin Josh all got bikes for Christmas. Another plus about our excursion is that we were all getting, as Grammy Jo put it, "cabin fever," so we enjoyed getting out in the fresh, but very brisk air.

Isaac and Daddy

Joshie and Bampa

Finley was a little sweetie! It was unseasonably cold, but she was still happy as can be. Later the wind picked up and I was holding her with her head pretty much completely covered by a blanket and she didn't even mind a bit.
Keith throwing the airhog
A mishap with the airhog...
Some people threw a football.
Some people had fun on the swings.
Anyway, fun times.


scipiosal said...

It is too bad it was cold down there (imagine what we were going through up here in the tundra.) The pictures are so cute! It looks like everyone had a good time despite the cold!

Keith said...

It was nice to get outside, even if it was freezing. (I guess I have gotten used to living in the desert). I do need to point out that the "mishap with the airhog" did not originate from my hand.

cassidy said...

Cute little kiddies! What a fun day at the park with their new bikes! Too bad it was too cold for Bocci Ball and the golf ball game.

Sarah & Eddie said...

My kids always enjoy a trip to the park, and they are never ready to leave.
My boys got some remote helicoptors (I think they are also airhogs) for christmas and so far they have got tangled twice in kaylee's hair. Whenever they fly them in the house, Kaylee and I have our heads covered by our hands. They are some pretty neat toys though :)