Sunday, March 8, 2009

That bouncy place

I've mentioned that we've been trying to potty train Isaac, and the first couple of days were pretty rough. In fact, he just kept pottying his underpants and didn't seem to notice or care. One morning I was checking out the website for Bounce U--an indoor bouncy house place. The kids came running over asking when we could go. I tried to put them off, but Isaac just wouldn't forget about it. Every few minutes he would ask if it was time to go to the bouncy place. Finally, I told him we couldn't go until he stopped pottying in his pants. He said, "Okay!" and he ran into the bathroom and went in the toilet. From that moment on for the next few days, he didn't have any more accidents.
Seriously, it was like a button just switched in his head and he only went in the toilet. (Okay, he's had some setbacks since then, but it really was amazing!) So this past Monday, we took the kids to "that bouncy place" for family home evening.

It really was a blast!

Isaac got really brave.

Isaac loved playing basketball with Daddy.
We loved all the fun slides.
I thought it was a great family activity for less than twenty bucks.

We even took Finley in one of the bounce houses, which I didn't get any pictures of.
I love the pure joy on their faces!

After a fun-filled two hours, we headed over to Neilson's frozen custard where we enjoyed some "concrete's."

And some onion rings.


They are already asking when we can go back. We're trying to use it to remotivate Isaac in the potty training...we'll see!


Krystal said...

That sounds like AWESOME fun!! where is that located? Our kids love things like that. Good luck with Isaac. Funny hes already potty training, I remember when he was just a little baby!

Sam said...

Looks like you guys had a great time and bonus for the potty training! Sam

debra g said...

I can't wait 'till Zane gets potty trained. He's obsessed with being called a big boy so we try telling him that only babies go potty in a diaper. Do you think he'll need therapy when he's older because his parents called him a baby?

Good job. You are "Mom of the week"!

Brandi Jo said...

That is awesome!! We were there about a year ago! Aiden loved it, but Gavin was a little scared!! :-) Good luck with the potty training!

cassidy said...

How funny that the bouncy place got Isaac to go potty in the toilet! It looks like you guys had a lot of fun too!

cassidy said...
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Jolynn said...

Those are some great pictures. I notice you left out the one of Isaac getting hurt! And you will definitely need to remotivate that kid. If he plays his cards right, he could be getting some type of reward for up to a year or more!

lexi said...

that looks like a lots of fun. i like that picture of keith and fin. super cute.

Marcie Osborn said...

Potty training is never fun! Looks like a fun day.

cassidy said...

Hey Hill, James said that if you send us a couple of pictures he will do one of those creepy face-blend-pictures for you! If you dare. If you want him to, it might be helpful to take pictures specifically for that purpose so the heads are the same size as each other. Those pictures we put on our blog weren't the actual pictures we used. If you want some details email me or call me.

Dot said...

Looks like you guys had a blast! Joben has been great at peeing in the potty (over four days without any pee accidents now!) But he still will not poop in the toilet! I hate cleaning poopy underwear every day! Yuck! Joben is obsessed with WALL-E right now so I got a WALL-E sweatshirt on clearance yesterday and told him he can have it after he poops in the toilet. He has asked for the "robot sweatshirt" at least 20 time since we got it, has pooped his pants twice, and has yet to poop in the toilet! Isn't potty training fun?!?!?