Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Happy Birthday, America!

We were pretty low-key for the 4th of July this year. We decided to meet some friends and try to find a parking spot to watch the Tolleson fireworks. We found the perfect spot behind a warehouse--we asked security if we could park there, and they let us if we hid our cars around back. It was great, we had the parking lot to ourselves and an awesome view.

We both popped a bowl of popcorn, made some cookies, and brought drinks. The waiting was even pleasant, because it wasn't too hot out and there was a nice breeze. The kids got a little impatient for the show to start, but the adults had a good time talking and snacking.
Sareny and Ema...neither of whom is looking at the camera.
Finley with a little firework above her head.
Keith held Finley for a lot of it, who spilled Strawberry Crush all down her pajamas.
It is really hard to catch fireworks with a camera. This is the best I did.
We had a fabulous time!


Phil and Stacie said...

Looks like fun! Soo missing you guys!! Hope all is going well with your new house--we definitely need to chat soon.

Amy O'Neill said...

We parked at a warehouse too! Too bad we didn't see you guys!!

lexi said...

that looks like a fun time watching fireworks. poor fin with her strawberry crush pajamas...

Jolynn said...

Yes, Finley is a sight. But how cute that she slopped it all down her. Good thing it was only her pj's. I can't believe how biggie the kids are all getting. It seems like not that long ago when Fin was just born and we took Sare and Isaac to the fireworks and Isaac was super scared! Now he's sitting there all big watching them. I'm glad you all had a gret 4th!

debra g said...

I love Isaac's jammies! Too cute.