Sunday, August 7, 2011

Grandpa's visit part 1

When grandpa Verne came to visit, we took a little walk up to the Star Tower. The kids were all in their jammies, but still super cute, so we took some pictures.
Isaac accidentally dropped his shoe in the water, and Finley was very concerned.
Fortunately, grandpa saved the shoe.
Daddy sat the kids on the top ledge. A little bit scary!
I think Finley looks so much like her aunts Heather, Holly, and Marla in this picture, it kind of looks like Verne is holding one of his own children.
Grandpa with all of the kids.
The last time we had gone to Star Tower was when Lexi had visited, and we that time we had lots of fun doing silly "teen model poses." Sareny apparently remembered...
Blogger apparently has a problem with posts with lots of pictures, so I will have to end this post here. More on this trip later.


Jolynn said...

Those kiddos are so cute in their jammies. Good thing Verne saved the day by fishing Isaac's show out of the water. And of course Sareny had to be a teen mod sissie!

lexi said...

i loved the star tower! looks like you guys had fun walking up to it. i love those kiddies!