Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Spooky Dinner

We had our annual spooky dinner the week before Halloween while grandma was still here. (I miss when Isaac used to call it "pooky pooky dinner.") On the menu--cobwebs and batwings (pasta), monster toes (wrapped lil smokies), bones and blood (breadsticks and marinara), monster eyes (deviled eggs.)
And of course, we had witches brew.
The kids look forward to our spooky dinner all year long, and lets face it, I do too. It is a lot of fun planning! This year for dessert, we had eyeballs on forks. These were donut holes dipped in white chocolate with red frosting and a chocolate chip.
I love the crazy poses these kids are making!


debra g said...

Love the eyeballs. I'm running out of ideas and that's a great one for next year!!!

cassidy said...

Hey, we had bones and blood too! But yours look yummier. The eyeballs are cute, and sound fairly easy...I'll have to try those. I like the last photo too! Cute kiddos.

Jolynn said...

We had bones and blood too! (at Jake and Lizzy's). I wish I had done this tradtion when you kids were little. It's such a fun thing to do. Your dinner looks super fun and good too. The eye balls are my fave. That last picture is the best!

holli jo said...

Your dinner is so cool! But I don't know if I could actually eat it. Not only does some of it look gross (they eyeballs...), the gross names (bones and blood) make me feel a little queasy. But what a fun tradition, and the kids love it!