Sunday, April 19, 2009

A final post about Easter weekend

Sunday after church, my parent's friends and neighbors the Jones' walked over with their little dog Yogi. My kids thought that was the coolest thing ever!
They had so much fun running around and playing with her.
They ran around with her so much that Yogi got tired out and needed to rest. Regretfully, this didn't translate into my children being tired and wanting to go to bed.

I've had people tell me that my kids need a dog, but if we had a dog of our own, it wouldn't be such a novelty when they get to play with one. Plus also, I don't actually have to clean up poop or any of the other pleasantries associated with having a dog. (Yes, I did mean to write plus also, if you've read Junie B. Jones, you would understand.)
Rhys was so funny--Yogi jumped up and licked his toes and he giggled and laughed. When she came back over, he lifted his foot up to her.
Finley didn't have bare toes so she didn't get that thrill, but I made her touch the doggie too.

We love this handsome little man!
We also celebrated Lexi's birthday, and Sareny was so excited to give her a card she made, along with some perfume that she had carefully selected out of her own belongings. I thought this was actually quite a sacrifice, since she loves wearing "frume," and she only had the one bottle. We also gave her a Build-a-Bear gift certificate, and we are all going to go and make bears! Sareny made a bear named "Kelly Clarkson" for her fourth birthday, and Grammy Jo and I kept trying to convince her to choose outfits and accessories that we liked, but Sareny was stubborn and had her own tastes. That's when we decided we needed to go back and make our very own bears.

We took this sissie's picture after Jake and Lizzie had already left to go home, so it has almost all of the girls. Pictured is Lexi, Holli, Cassidy, and Hillari


Sarah & Eddie said...

How fun!!
And as far as doggy poop goes...I don't clean it up either. I just used the lawn mower. Tehehehehe!

lexi said...

looks like the kids loved playing with yogi. how fun


How fun! My kids want a dog too, but I am not ready to have another "kid" around... that is what it would be like! Cute pic of you and your sisters!

PS :) Sorry again you had to deal with my son yesterday!!! He was crazy all day!

Phil and Stacie said...

Love the Junie B. plus also! Such cute books!! And I'm with you on the dog thing--who want to clean up after them and such? They are cute, but I definitely have enough kids to take care of =)

Jolynn said...

Well, good thing you clarified on the plus, also thing because I was going to point out the redundancy to you! I guess I'll have to start reading Junie B. books. I love the pics in your post. I do wish Lizzie was in the sissie picture. Plus, also Cass is going to have a fit about her groovy outfit in the one on the porch! The kids were all so cute with Yogi. Sareny thought she was all that and a bag of chips when she got to take him around on the leash. Oh, and Yes, he is a boy!

holli jo said...

We had such a fun time! We are some cute sissies. :) And my boy is so handsome. And needs you to get a dog so he can play with it when he visits.