Friday, April 17, 2009

The Hunt

Sunday morning before church, we had an Easter egg hunt in the front yard. The kids loved it!
Here is Finley's "suspicious" look that Cassidy mentioned in her comment on an earlier post.
Little Fin was not her usual cheerful self and was rather grumpy the whole weekend. We decided she was missing her daddy and a little uncomfortable with so many unfamiliar people. Once we got back to our house, she was our grinny girl again.
Grammy Jo loved having all of her little grandbabies visit.

Here is cousin Joshie. If you ask him what his name is, he always says, "Joshie Keel," in a really cute voice. If you keep asking him his name because you want to hear him say it again, he will tell you, "Two," because that's how old he is.
Sareny was pretty excited that she found the biggest egg.
Here is a handsome little man.
And here is "Brother," which is what he will tell you his name is.

In the middle of our photo shoot, this random dog came over to play. It was pretty weird looking--kind of a cross between Lady and the Tramp and a Dalmation. You can see how excited the kids are to see it.


lexi said...

i had fun hiding the easter eggs for the kiddies. and they had fun. i like the picture with the dog, isaac wants to pet it and fin just looks disgusted.

Jolynn said...

I never noticed Finley's look before, but you're right! The Easter egg hunt was one of my favorite things about the weekend. They were all so cute! I love the kiddos so much!

holli jo said...

Cutie pictures. Look at me, leaving comments!

cassidy said...

I wish I could have seen this, it looks like the kids had lots of fun! That dog kind of grosses me out, though. Did the kids wash their hands afterwards, or just dive right in to their candy?