Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Sareny's first day of Kindergarten!

Sareny started school today! She was very excited and not really nervous at all.
Here she is with her new teacher Mrs. Jones, and her friend Adam.

The class lined up to go to Assembly.

Coming back from Assembly.

Her classroom is really cute and well-organized.
Listening to her teacher.

Blowing me a kiss goodbye!

I don't know how this day snuck up on us so fast! It seems like I just brought her home from the hospital, and now I'm sending her off into the world. She is so grown up and I know she is going to do great.


lexi said...

sareny looks so cute on her first day of school. and i like her new bangs. i really cant believe she is in school know. but she will do great!

cassidy said...

I can't believe Sareny is old enough for school!! Remember when she was just a baby and we had to constantly sing and dance for her in order to make her stop crying? Time flies. She sure looks cute and like she is going to have lots of fun!

debra g said...

I too remember when Sareny was born. Wow!!! She looks so cute. It looks like you had a great time at school, too :) It's so hard to walk away that first time. You just want to stay and watch all day.
For weeks you'll find yourself wondering at random times during the day "I wonder what Sareny is doing right now."
Good job on raising a cute girl!

Amy O'Neill said...

I remember being prego at the same time and now Sareny and Carson are off to kindergarten!! Wow! Time goes way to fast! She looks so cute!

Tanya said...

I am remembering a certain photo of you, Heather, myself, and I believe Jayson Lemming our first day of kindergarten. Do you remember that picture?? That seems like yesterday and now you have one starting school. The scary things is, I have one starting THE FOURTH GRADE!!!

holli jo said...

She looks so cute in her pink dress. And so grown up. I just wish she wasn't so grown up! I'm not ready for that.

Jolynn said...

Well I am remembering when I was there helping you after Sareny's birth, and we were taking her for a little walk over at the park by your house and you starting crying and said, "She's growing up too fast!" or something like that. And you were right, she is growing up too fast. But she is really something, isn't she?? We can't hold her back, even if we wanted to. She's going to do great!

melanderson said...

You're right -- how did this day sneak up on us so fast?? Aidan starts on Monday . . . we're excited!!