Friday, August 14, 2009

Learning to Swim

I'm a little behind on posting, so these pictures are from a few weeks ago when we were still in swimming lessons. Keith was able to come with us one time, and the kids loved it!
Finley actually seemed a lot happier when Keith had her in the pool. Could it be he's more fun?

Isaac's progress was the most remarkable this year. He started out the summer sitting on the side of the pool crying, refusing to get in. And this is how he ended the year.

Doing headbobs by himself.

It was nice to see him gain confidence and have fun. He even jumped off the diving board all by himself by the end of the summer!

Sareny is really becoming a good swimmer. She can swim across the width of the pool on her own. And I realize her suit looks like a bikini in the below picture, but it is actually a tankini that floated up...oops.

We had so much fun at swimming lessons this year!


lexi said...

it does look like sareny is wearing a bikini. but good thing we know its not. im glad isaac finally started to like swim lessons. soon he will be swimming like sareny!

Vicki said...

Hill, haven't you taught your daughter anything about being modest? JK! Sounds like they are all doing a good job!

cassidy said...

Cute pics! Finner looks like she's having fun. I'm glad Isaac is finally starting to like swimming lessons too! And of course, Sareny the fish...she should do swim team when she's big enough. Does your pool do swim team? Anyways, fun summer times.

debra g said...

Tankini...sure it is. :)
That water looks so cool and refreshing.

Wish I was in it right now!!!