Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Hidden Mickey and a hungry boy

We recently had to chop down the tree in our front yard.
Is it just me, or does this resemble a famous Mouse?
My boy is hungry. He is always hungry. He wakes up hungry, and I'm beginning to think he'll eat as long as I continue to give him food.
It is currently 12:30, and this is a list of what he has eaten so far today:

a poptart
a baggie of Honeynut Cheerios
a yogurt
a slice of pizza
4 boiled eggs with the yolks removed.
And he is insisting to me that he is hungry and his tummy wants food. I can only imagine when he is a teenager.


cassidy said...

Mmm...I'm thinking the Hidden Mickey is a bit of a stretch. But I kind of see it. Maybe you should try giving Igits some foods that are really filling, like an apple or something else that's really dense, maybe a PBJ with a little extra PB? I do fear for your grocery bills when he is a teenager. But until then, "my baby's beautiful."

lexi said...

i think you just really want to go see the real mickey... it sort of resembles mickey though. and your baby is beautiful as cass said. isaac is cute though even if he is hungry all the time.

Jolynn said...

Yeah, I think the hidden Mickey is pretty hidden. But it slightly resembles.........and Isaac is the cutest little boy! As for eating a lot: "He gets to."

Anonymous said...

well, first, I do not see Mickey, maybe I'm just missing it?? Oh, and Drake is 2 and eats ALL DAY LONG. Some days it seems like more than I can eat. I think its a boy thing. But then there are days he doesn't want anything, so I'm thinking maybe its growth spurts, who knows? But they're just so cute, so let 'em have cookies!! hehe, have a good one!

Vicki said...

Wait 'til he's 10! Oh, and you're lucky, you only have one boy! I have 3, and I'm scared!!

Krystal said...

im with vicki- worried how my three boys will be as teenagers... then again... they dont eat hardly anything now. and nope dont see the mickey. i think its like one of those rorshaw or whatever they are really called tests with the ink blots, you see what you want to see!

debra g said...

When Zane saw your post he said "There's Isaac!" He totally remembered his name. I was so proud. Then he saw Sareny and said "There's another Isaac!" We really need to get together. Call me when you go to Cabela's again.

holli jo said...

Isaac is a cute little buki. My buki's tummy wants food a lot, too. But I agree with Cass - give him healthy, filling food, and he'll probably need less. Although, I read that toddlers need food more often than adults, so maybe that's true of his age, too.