Wednesday, September 2, 2009

School Bowling Activity

This past Saturday, Sareny's school had a bowling party. When she saw the papers they sent home about it, she excitedly asked, "Am I going bowling??" How could I resist taking her?

Unfortunately, this activity happened to coincide with Keith going golfing, and the thought of me with three wild and crazy children at a bowling alley just somehow didn't appeal, so I found a babysitter for Finley and took Isaac and Sareny to the bowling alley.
I realized afresh that I would make a terrible single mom, as even with my supervision, both Isaac and Sareny managed to get hurt by the bowling balls. Anyone who has been around when Isaac is upset knows that he freely lets out all of his emotions, at a very loud, very high pitched wail. He got his fingers pinched between two bowling balls, but fortunately, it wasn't too bad so he got over it quickly.

I love how seriously he is watching!
Sareny's owie, however, was pretty bad. She picked up her bowling ball, dropped it, and tried to catch it midair. Well, that didn't actually work as planned, and her finger got smashed by the ball pretty badly. She was very brave and didn't even cry, although little tears did come to her eyes. It was at this point that we packed up and headed home to get some ice on her fingers. They quickly bruised up to a beautiful blue and purple.We managed to get in almost 2 games before this happened.

We shared a lane with a little girl named Olivia who is in Sareny's class at school.
After we had been bowling for about 30 minutes, Isaac told me he was hungry. (Really, when isn't he hungry??) Then he crossed over several lanes, walked right up to some people eating a pizza, and just stood and stared at them. It was a little embarrassing. That's when I took him to the snack bar. That boy knows how to get what he wants.


Jolynn said...

I feel so sad about their owies! I think they just needed Grammy Jo. And Sareny's "friend" Olivia is really very pretty! Hope it was still a fun day in spite of the owie incidents.

lexi said...

that sounds like a fun bowling activity minus the owies. i can just picture isaac going over to the people eating pizza! how embarrassing.

cassidy said...

Poor Sareny! I can't believe she didn't cry. How brave. But I thought maybe we would get a picture of the wound...I guess not. Isaac is so funny - I love that he is always so hungry! What a fun day, even with the owies.