Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Fun Times

Isaac and Finley were playing really cute together the other day. I heard Isaac tell Fin, "I'll be the Daddy and you be the Mommy." I went to see what they were doing, and they were using our jogging stroller as the family car, and Isaac was holding their little baby. It was really adorable.
Finney noticed Isaac holding the baby and was quick to snatch it out of his hands.

I think every kid tries standing on their daddy's hands. Sareny and Isaac thought it was awesome.

Isaac was so cute, and throws his hands up in the air like a gymnast.
I tried being the lifter, and it is not easy!


Jolynn said...

Those cute little bugs! I'm glad you got pictures of the "family car." That was just adorable. And I love the standing on Daddy's hands pics cause it reminds me of when you guys were little. That was a big favorite around here.

holli jo said...

Super cute pics, though that baby has surely seen better days. Your kids actually smile for the camera. I wish Rhys would!

cassidy said...

Yes that doll is a bit on the scuzzy, creepy side. But it's so cute that they were playing "family car." I like that Isaac is in his undies in those last pics!