Sunday, August 22, 2010

I heart this little girl!

Seriously, is there a cuter little face anywhere in the world? I think not.

Finney put on Daddy's hat and said, "Wookit me mom! I wearing daddy's hat!" I asked her if I should take her picture, and she said, "Hmm!" which is said as the second half of "uh-huh!" and is how she usually says yes.
I couldn't resist putting all of the pictures on this post, because she just had the cutest faces in all of them.
Finley is a sweetheart and we love her more and more each day!


cassidy said...

Finley IS pretty dang cute. She is a very close second behind Truman. Ha ha. She's making some really cute faces in these pics. I heart her too.

Jolynn said...

Well I heart little Finley too. I love how she forgets and calls me Bampa most of the time. She is so super cute in these pics. I know she can be a stinker, but I seldom see any of that, only the cutest little girl being so sweet!

lexi said...

that finney girl is so cute!! i love her face. but is keith's hat just slightly gross? and to answer your question, i am going home this weekend. but its not a secret, i just havent told anyone.

debra g said...

Her smile is soooo like yours! What a cutie!