Wednesday, September 15, 2010

How we've been spending our free time

One of the awesome features of our neighborhood is the fantastic waterpark we get to use just because we live here.
Our kids have gotten to be really good swimmers this summer. Before we moved here, Isaac had the basic skills and movements down, but was not able to actually move himself through the water. The very week we moved in, he put it all together and figured it out.
Now he is really good, and can even take breaths and keep going.

He is also really good at floating.
Lately Finley is trying to take off too, so I'm guessing she'll be swimming by next summer.
Sareny loves to meet her good friend Emily at the pool--they have so much fun together!

I like that the pool has a ledge that goes around the outside edge, it is perfect for Finley to play on.

We love the zero-depth entry play area too.
We generally steer clear when the giant bucket is ready to dump.
Here is Sareny coming off the slide. We like to have races to see who comes out first.
And that is basically how we spent our summer.


Mandy said...

okay now my kids want to come visit:) looks like you had a fun summer!! are you liking your new house?

debra g said...

Wow, now I want to move again! What a fun amenity!!! Hope everything is going good. Need to see pics of that house, though!

cassidy said...

That pool looks so fun! You guys are lucky to have that as a neighborhood pool. Hooray for Isaac for learning to be a good swimmer this summer.

lexi said...

that looks like a fun pool. im glad isaac is a good swimmer now. i still need to come visit you guys.

Kandice and Rob said...

Holy cow, that IS a huge bucket!! What a cool place. And very cool that Isaac is such a good swimmer!

Jolynn said...

We thought the pool was super fun when we were there. And the kids had a ball. Sareny made me go down the scary slide though. I much prefer the other one. Or better yet, watching Finley in the shallow pool...........

Tanya said...

Looks like every kid's dream!

holli jo said...

That looks like fun!