Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Who's Behind? Mine...

Long ago, at the beginning of December, we went to the local residents club where some snow had been trucked in. The kids had a great time flinging snow at each other and their friends.

We ran into the Fuls', and Finley and Alora are really good friends (although Alora is Isaac's age.)

Sareny scooped up mounds of snow to toss at people.

She found some boys from her class to chase.

Then we decorated some sugar cookies.

A task that Isaac took very seriously.

He was very proud of his work.

Sareny also worked hard on hers.

Finley worked hard on eating hers. This girl loves treats more than any kid I've seen since her Tia Lexi.
And then the kids got to visit Santa, Mrs. Santa, and an elf. It was a fun, free day!


lexi said...

i laughed about fin liking treats as much as i do! and i do love a good treat. that is cool that they brought out some snow. the kids look like the had lots of fun in it.

debra g said...

I am soooo glad to see you catching up on all the fun that you get to have at your cool, new neighborhood. That seems like a really fun community. We're just lucky if the bushes get trimmed over here.
I am giggling about you liking "Gulliver's Travels" (but I'm not judgin' you :) ). And it was me, not Curtis, that made us leave. He didn't mind. You'd think that with all the brothers I have, I'd appreciate a good peeing scene in a movie....but I don't. Maybe it's because I had all those brothers that I have issues. I'm sure that's it.
Anyways, I'm glad your kids have a fun mom that can laugh at that stuff. My poor kids get to be forced to watch documentaries about kids that live on the street in Haiti and movies about the holocaust over here.
Good times!

Jolynn said...

How fun that they even trucked in some snow! I can't believe you didn't even tell me about this fun day when it happened. You do live in a great neighborhood. Better watch ol Fin and her sweet tooth!

holli jo said...

Cute pictures. Looks like they had a good time. But we've been stuck over here and couldn't leave our house for practically a week because of snow. I never want to see it again!

And I'm pretty sure that Rhys could give Fin a run for her treat money. He now thinks that chocolate chips are beans. (The only beans he will eat, too.)