Thursday, February 17, 2011

What do you do when you forget your camera on your Christmas trip?

You wait for everyone else to post about Christmas first, then snag photos from their blogs, of course. We had a fun trip to Grammy Jo and Bampa's house this year. All my sissies were there, and Jake and Liz came down the day we were leaving. We decorated some yummy sugar cookies.
As every kid's favorite Tia, Lexi helped out with the cookies.
Probably my favorite thing we did this year nobody took any pictures of. But the girls had a "super Saturday" activity and made some really cute felt Christmas ornaments while the Dad's walked down to McDonald's with the kids. We had a lot of fun together, and the ornaments turned out really cute.
We took a hike on Christmas Eve day.
It was also fun, but unfortunately my shoes had been left outside the night before and were all soggy, so I had to wear flip-flops. I was glad the hike didn't last too long...
Keith kept hiking up really high with Sareny and Isaac, which they loved. Those of us on the ground were a little nervous...
It took Finley a couple years of her life before she decided she like Lexi, but she has come around.
The sisters.
Me, Mom, and Dooze. 
Cute cousins.
A different day we went to the park to let the kids burn off some energy.
On Christmas Eve, we put on a nativity. Isaac had fallen asleep already, and so missed out on this. The Notos came over to join the festivities, and we also had a lovely feast. We had the traditional "crook cracks," or Swedish dumplings, bacon wrapped lil smokies, and lots of other delish stuff.
On Christmas morning, Truman was so cute with his new little stroller. I miss this guy! (and the other cousins too, of course.)
We had a great Christmas!


lexi said...

im so glad to see you post christmas! i had so much fun with everyone. even though we had a fight haha. i cant believe none of us took pictures of our super saturday.

hillari said...

I forgot we had a fight. that was kind of silly.

Jolynn said...

I forgot you had a fight too, you naughties. I love our Christmases. We have so much fun together. (if we're not fighting, that is!) But mostly we have the best of times. I still have to finish sewing Lexi's super Saturday ornies!