Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Farewell to Disneyland

Despite the massive crowds on Saturday, we had a great last day at Disneyland. We revisited some of our favorite attractions and also checked out some of the off the beaten path things we rarely take the time to do. Keith is always up for Jungle Cruise.
This how Finley spent a lot of her time--snuggled on her Daddy.
I was surprised today--she told me she liked the monster ride when she said, "Don't get me, monster!" She was referring to Matterhorn.
I was the only one in our group who had ever seen Captain EO, and although I did warn them that as far as I could remember, it was pretty bizarre and cheesy, we decided to go see it.
It was every bit as bizarre and cheesy as I remembered it, and the plot still didn't really make sense to me. But it was still kind of fun, and I enjoyed the nostalgia of seeing it again.
We used one of our readmission passes to jump the always huge line for Storybookland Canal Boats. I do really like this ride, but the line is always so bad! The kids had been looking forward to being swallowed by a whale.
The other side of the boat.
Keith and the girls during the ride.
We stopped to have our picture taken on our way to Tom Sawyer's Island.
We spent a bit of time on Tom Sawyer's Island, which I haven't been to in years. Possibly it is now called Pirate's Lair, and not Tom Sawyer Island, but it seemed odd that they just nailed up a board saying "Pirates Lair," that only partially covered the Tom Sawyer Island sign. Kind of weird for Disneyland. The kids really had a lot of fun running around.
The kids all climbed up the wall of bones. This one kid climbed on the outside of the bones (you can see him in the picture,) which I'm sure was not allowed since he was hanging right over the water, which then prompted other kids to follow suit. Was it bad that part of me really wanted him to fall in?
There were a few interactive things for the kids to do, as well as caves, treehouses, and bridges to explore.
We found the pirate's treasure.
The rest of the day featured several other rarely done things, like Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln, Turtle Talk with Crush (which I highly reccomend), Disney Junior Stage Show, and a Dance Off show. The shows were all really good and a welcome relief from standing in huge lines all day. We did squeeze in a few rides as well. Right before the fireworks, we rode the Carousel again, because Finley had been asking to do that one all day. Earlier when I had gotten her out of the stroller, she said, "You are taking me to ride the merry go round?" How could you resist taking her? At the end of the day, we watched the fireworks and then hurried over to New Orleans Square where Fantasmic was underway. As soon as it cleared out, we joined the throngs pushing and shoving to get good seats for the next show. Keith was off riding Indiana Jones with Sareny as her last ride of the trip, and I managed to score us some front row seats for Fantasmic.
I asked Keith if he knew how I managed to get such good seats, and he said, "Pushing and a shoving?" And I said, "yep." Once we secured the seats, I rushed off with Isaac to do Splash Mountain, which he had been asking to do all day long. He was so excited, and I think this may be my favorite memory of the trip.  So each kid got to do one of their favorite rides as the last one of the trip. Finley fell asleep right after the Carousel. I tried to rouse her for Fantasmic, but she was out.
Then, she woke up on her own right when the villains take over Mickey's dream and Fantasmic gets a little scary. She seemed fine though, and got to see the big ending. Once the show was over, everyone headed back to the hotel except for me and Sareny. She wanted to pick out a christmas ornament from a store on Main Street for her souveneir, so we did a little shopping together. It was kind of nice to have some time together, even if we were both pretty wiped out.
I polled the kids about their favorites from the trip, and this is what I got:
Sareny--Big Thunder, Indiana Jones, Ariel, Peter Pan, and Goofy's Flight School
Isaac--Splash Mountain was his total favorite, but he also liked Grizzly River Run and Big Thunder
Finley--the Carousel, and the Soundsational Parade. Later she added Matterhorn.
The next morning we walked over to the Grand Californian for a character breakfast at Storyteller's Cafe. It was surprisingly affordable and relaxing, possibly because we went after the parks were open so the rush was gone. The kid's meals were only $6.99, which I still have sticker shock over but in a good way. Character meals usually run over $30 per person, including children. Here are some of the characters that came to our table.
Finally, at the tail end of our trip, Finley had relaxed about the characters.
This guy from Pocohantas
This guy from Tarzan.
They also led the kids in some parade thing through the restaurant.
And then we headed home.


Jolynn said...

Your Disneyland posts have brought back so many fond memories. We have spent lots of fun times there. It looks like you all had a really fun trip and fit lots in. Did you not do Billy Hill and the Hillbillies??? I'm telling Rose. For some reason the kids look so big to me, and I miss them. I feel like they've grown a ton since we last saw them. Good thing Thanksgiving is coming up so I can see them again.

Kandice and Rob said...

Finley's making a great face right before being swallowed by the whale!

cassidy said...

That looks like a fun day! It looks like you all had so much fun doing lots of attractions that we never seem to do. Cute photos. The kids all look cute, and you do too! I like your yellow shirt you wore on day 2. Anyways, I've loved reading your Disneyland posts...I'm sad you're done blogging about it!

lexi said...

your character breakfast looks fun, and i cant believe how cheap it was. ariel's grotto was so expensive. i love all your pictures, and pretending i was at dis too.