Monday, January 9, 2012

Halloween, which happened over two months ago...

This year Grandma was visiting and she offered to help make the girls' Halloween costumes, and it was so nice to have her expertise! My little flapper girls were the cutest ones I've ever seen. Isaac's costume was actually store bought this year, but I thought that was fine. :) Sadly, grandma had to leave the morning of our ward trunk or treat, but the kids looked so cute.
Sareny and Isaac had soccer practice right before this, so I had to do her hair before soccer and hope that it held up okay. We also were changing into our costumes in the church parking lot.
My favorite feature of Isaac's costume--the little violin case. I thought it was a little less risque than having him run around with a tommy gun. We also had him wear his tio Johnny's hat that I believe was originally part of a Bonnie and Clyde costume. Which was a little big on him, but I thought it worked fine.
Keith and I resurrected the Raggedy Ann and Andy costumes. Finley wasn't being the most cooperative for pictures, so here is one of Keith holding her.
On Halloween night, our neighbors have a fun party with chili before all the kids head out to go trick or treating together.
The kids in our group.
We had a really fun Halloween this year, and were especially glad that Grandma was here to celebrate a little bit of it with us!


lexi said...

i cant believe you and keith (well mostly keith) wore the raggedy costumes again. those kids are so cute in their costumes though. and sareny's hair looks pretty good even after soccer practice.

Jolynn said...

I love their costumes! And Grandma Nancy was so nice to help with the flapper dresses. She is amazing. Looks like everyone had a super fun Halloween.