Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Sareny and Isaac played soccer this year, and they both loved it and had a great time. Sareny's team was the Dragons and she wore number 3. She had an awesome coach and was lucky enough to be friends with most of the kids on her team before the season even started. She was one of five girls on the team, which I think made it fun for her. She did great and can't wait to play again next year. Unfortunately, the camera never made it to one of her games. Sad. But I did take some at one of Isaac's games.
Isaac's team was the Coyotes, and he wore number 9. He had the best, most patient coach ever, and we hope to get him again next year. For most of the season, Isaac didn't love soccer quite as much as Sareny did, but by the end, he had gotten more in to it and did great.
He got to do a kickoff.
A picture of the whole team. Isaac is sitting by his friendCharlie from church, and Revan that we met at the park is on the other side of Charlie. Revan's dad is Coach Pete, and I can't remember the other coach's name.
At Isaac's last game, there weren't any subs and I was pretty worried how he would do, since he was always the first kid asking for a sub, and if he was tired, he would just kind of stand there and do nothing. We had talked it up pretty big, and I was shocked that he stepped up and never once said he was tired. He even scored two goals! It gave me some hope for next year. 
After the game where I had my camera, I tried to get some pictures of Isaac and Sareny, but they were being pretty silly.
But still pretty cute.
At least they had a lot of fun...
We can't wait for next year, where Finley and Isaac will be on the same team. That should be fun!


lexi said...

im so proud of isaac scoring 2 goals and playing the whole game! im glad the kids liked playing soccer. i didn't like it very much when i played.

Jolynn said...

How cute those two are! I'm glad they like soccer too. Especially Isaac, who we all know likes techno stuff way more than any physical stuff. So any time we can get him outside running around, it's a good thing. Next year me and Bampa are going to have to make it to at least one of their games!