Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Trip to Spokane part 2

We got snow on  Christmas Eve, and the kids had a blast playing in the backyard. I wanted a group picture, but Isaac laid down to do a snow angel, and Finley followed suit. Sareny and Katlyn are "best cousins," and it is so fun! There are no girl cousins on my side, so I know Sareny really likes when we get to see Katlyn.

Isaac was some sort of abominable snow monster.

All three cuties in their winter gear. Grandma was able to get most of this stuff at a local thrift store's 25 cent sale, and it was awesome! Isaac is wearing his cousin Jese's old coat.

The backyard had a small hill that was actually a pretty good size for the kids to sled on. Not too big or steep for the climb back up.
The kids tried catching snowflakes on their tongues.
My cute little girl!
Love the look of pure joy on her face!
We were short one sled and the kids had to share, but Finley quickly caught on and wanted to go down like a biggie girl.
She was pretty proud of herself.
After getting thoroughly worn out, this is how they fell asleep that night:
That night we did some traditional Christmas Eve things, like a white elephant exchange, driving around looking at lights, and reading the Christmas Story. The next morning, we got up somewhat early to check out the loot before church. I was seriously wondering how Santa managed to squeeze so much stuff into those stockings. That takes some skill!
Isaac was so cute. He was so excited to get a full size kit kat in his stocking and immediately showed his sisters and asked if they wanted to share.
Last time we were in Spokane for Christmas, Isaac got one of these balloon cars in his stocking and I love the picture I have of him trying to blow it up, so I had him repeat the picture.
Finley opening some Smurf blocks.
Isaac loves his Angry Birds pillow.
Sareny got an ipod touch.
Most of the cousins that were there right after church...Tyler didn't want to be in the picture.
Our family on Christmas Day.
The whole group. I'm glad we got a group photo!
Later that week, Sareny and Katlyn made a snowman all by themselves.
It was Sareny's first snowman ever, and I was pretty proud of her.
We had so much fun! Wish we lived closer to grandma, Holly and Derek, Noel and Jewell, and Richard and Marla. We had a great time hanging out with everyone.


Jolynn said...

That looks like such a fun trip! I love the sledding pictures. And that snowman is the cutest little sad-faced snowman I have ever seen! I'm glad you got to have a white Christmas!

lexi said...

i like sareny's white coat! she looks cute in it. i love how the kids fell asleep in the bed, it looks so crowded though. looks like a fun christmas morning/day.

cassidy said...

How fun to have a white Christmas! I always wanted snow on Christmas Eve when I was little. The sledding photos are super cute, and I love that they were so tired they fell asleep all over each other in the bed. Looks like a fun Christmas!