Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A Trip to Spokane, part 1

We drove up to Spokane for Christmas this year to visit Keith's family, and we had such a great time. It had been two years since we had been up for a visit, and it was so nice to see everyone. We stopped at Dorothy and Brandon's in Spanish Fork on the way up, and it was fun to have the cousins finally meet and to see her kids. It had been five years since we had seen them and Isaac and Joben were babies the last time we were together. Finley had a lot of fun holding her baby cousin Emery.
Emery was such a cute, content baby! We were only there for a little while, but the kids had fun with their cousins.
The Heiners fed us some pizza before we were back on the road.
Now that they live a little closer, I hope we will get to see them a lot more. It was so nice to visit!
We got to Spokane early on the 23rd and had a relaxing day to recover from our long journey. We left our house at 5 am on the 22nd and got to gramdma's around 6 am on the 23rd. One thing we did on Christmas Eve was decorate some sugar cookies for Santa.
The visit was made especially fun because Noel and Jewell and their kids Katlyn, Tyler, and Ian were also there. The kids had so much fun with their cousins, while the adults were able to hang out and play a bunch of games. Anyway, grandma had all the supplies to make some cute cookies.
The kids each picked out their masterpiece to leave for Santa. Finley's was globbed with a little bit of everything, including some gummy bears.
Isaac made a Christmas tree with a giant star on top.
And Sareny made a portrait of Santa himself.
Meanwhile, Isaac learned how to multi-task. You can see from his apron that we were still in the process of decorating cookies, and he is simultaneously playing angry birds and watching a tv show.
And we got some beautiful Christmas Eve snow. That was kind of cool for us!


Jolynn said...

Looks like such a fun visit! I had to laugh out loud when I saw the kids' cookies. Seriously. Especially Isaac's! They really are cute.

lexi said...

i like the kids master piece cookies. how cool you got a white christmas!