Saturday, August 16, 2008

funny kids

So I don't know how whether this is an inappropriate story or not, but I wanted to make sure and remember it, so here goes. Sareny was probably nearly three at the time, and she and Isaac were in the tub together. He was standing right in front of Sareny and I told her to remember that we don't touch privates. She said, "Yeah, we don't touch pirates. We just look." I laughed.

Sareny thinks piggy banks are called piggy oinks, and I just don't have the heart to correct her.

If you ask Isaac to give you a kiss, this is the face he makes. He is such a sweetie!
After Finley was born, it seemed like whenever she was nursing, Isaac would come up, point at her head, and say "egg." I couldn't figure out what he was talking about. Did he think her head looked like an egg? Was he super smart and new that she had recently developed from an egg? I finally settled on he just wanted to call her egg for some reason I couldn't imagine. My mom and I both thought it was pretty funny. Well I finally figured out just yesterday what he was trying to say. I was drinking a can of pop and he pointed at it and said egg, and then he took a drink. He is actually saying drink, it just sounds like egg! He has always called his sippy cup a "nee," but he is starting to call it egg. How silly!

Sareny loves to draw pictures--this one is a self portrait. She even drew curly hair.
In an earlier post, I asked Sareny some questions, including how she is different from her mom. Her answer was that our legs are different. I assumed that she meant mine were longer than hers, so I didn't question her further. After seeing the post, my friend Misty asked her how her legs were different from her mom's. She said, "Mine don't have whiskers." :)


lexi said...

those kids are so cute and funny. that picture of isaac is so silly.

V Conger said...

That's what Shane's lips look like when I go in for a kiss. We all call him "monkeylips". Isaac's "monkeylips" are definitely cuter! Maybe we need to call you "whisker legs"! Hey, I remember you growing a special patch of whiskers on your leg in high school.

The West Family said...

Kids are so innocent. When Patrick was about two, he stood up at the end of Sacrament and said, "every body CRAP your hands". It was precious in its own way.

Téa said...

Awww, I still think he's pretty smart for understanding that's what Finley's up to!

This is such great blog entry--it has everything a Hollywood movie could want! Pirates, pigs, kissing, drinking, art & artists, cute little kids... even some implied 'offscreen' nekkidness (which was tastefully handled, I assure you)

Jolynn said...

Well I'm certainly glad Sare knows we don't touch pirates. And I love Isaac's kissy face. I hope he never stops doing it........the girls will love it! And, sadly, you legs do have whiskers far too often! I do seem to remember that gross "patch" Vicki was referring too. I thought it was sick! But it was "lucky". How come Sare always looks like a teen model sis, even if her hair isn't even combed?? She's very photogenic.

Twila said...

Well written article.