Monday, August 18, 2008

an unexpected party

On Saturday we met our friends Misty and Daryl and their kids at the University of Phoenix stadium for "The World's Largest Pizza Buffet." We were excited for the free food, bounce houses, and face painting. Unfortunately, the food was not plentiful, the lines for the bounce houses were very long, and our kids were not in time to get their faces painted. To make up for the disapointing time, we decided to have our own party that evening. I think it turned out much more fun!

We met at our house for dinner, the bounce house, and face painting. Sareny even made a delicious pie for dessert, and she was so proud!

After dinner we broke out the newly purchased face painting supplies. I had found some cute designs online, and Misty and I did a great job! We even accented the girl's butterflies with glitter. The kids had so much fun and loved having their mommies paint their faces.

The boys

The girls

After face painting we let the kids each have their own can of silly string. (I know, what kind of mom would allow such a thing in her living room? Luckily it cleans up pretty easily.) I think the parents might have enjoyed this part more than the kids! Neither Isaac nor John really appreciated the silly string and just cried, enabling the parents to grab their cans and have at it. Anyway, we were pretty silly.

All in all, it was a really fun evening that we had totally not been planning on. I actually thought the face painting was pretty fun and something I wouldn't mind doing again.

Little sleeping beauty missed all of the fun.


lexi said...

this looks like so much fun. all the kids look cute with their painted faces. did finley sleep through the whole thing? she looks so cute sleeping.

Noelle said...

wow.. looks like a blast.
and you guys are very good artists.
i love the face paints.
you guys are brave letting them go at it
with the silly string.. haha.
but looks like it was all work it :]

Noelle said...
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Noelle said...
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Kandice and Rob said...

Yay for spontaneity! Looks like your party was probably a lot more fun than the other one was supposed to be anyway.

Jolynn said...

I wish I could have been there for the party! Totally brave with the silly string though. The faces are so cute! I got the biggest kick out of Isaac in the one of all four of them on the couch. His expression! You'd actually never know he was having fun! Finley's cute as a button!

Anonymous said...

It was a fun pary and a cute post. I finally got my post up. We got asked to talk in church Sunday and Ema was asked to give a talk in primary so I am a little crazy trying to figure it all out.

Anonymous said...

By the way we call tell who the true artist is. :)

Noelle said...

and regarding the stephenie meyer books..
you are more than welcome to borrow them.
just let me know.. and i'll bring them to church
or something. haha. they are worth the time

Marcie Osborn said...

WHAT FUN! We have a silly string fight every Christmas morning. The kids look forward to getting it in their stocking every year! All the colors look pretty in the snow.....wait do you remember what snow looks like? lol

V Conger said...

What fun parents you are!

Andrew, Amy & Evelyn said...

What a fun night! You guys are so creative. Just by the way, we are doing bows for super saturday. So if you want to wait til then that is fine or we can have our own little bow-making party sooner if you want! Let me know :)

Téa said...

Your fun evening here reminds me of the VeggieTales Little Joe song "When life gives you some lemons, just have some more root beer!"