Tuesday, November 4, 2008

'F' is for Farm

This is one of my catch-up posts I mentioned earlier! A couple of weeks ago Sareny's preschool had a field trip to Tolmachoff Farms. We usually go there every year to enjoy all of the fun things farm life has to offer.

The kids had fun grinding corn to feed to the baby chicks, and they even got to hold them. Isaac loved holding the chick right up near his face.

Finley was a good girl and enjoyed her car seat for the first little bit of our visit.

The farm had some really fun bike/go-cart type of things that we all had fun riding our kids around on. The kids couldn't reach the peddles, so they took turns pushing each other around on them, and Isaac just wanted me to ride him around and around.

Isaac, as we have long known, loves trains, and while I was getting Finley in the sling by the bikes he took off for the train ride. I quickly herded him back over to the group and reminded him that he needed to stay by me. Unfortunately, he has a one-track mind and doesn't mind being alone, because later while all the kids were enjoying the slide I suddenly realized he had disapeared again, leaving his shoes at the bottom of the slide. I was sure he had headed back to the train, but was unable to spot him there. Our entire preschool group began searching, and after several increasingly frantic minutes without any sign of him, I admit I was starting to get a little nervous. Suppose he had wandered into the corn maze and was now doomed to meander forever among the tall stalks. I could also see how a tragic news report would play out. (Close up of small, dusty little boy's shoes lying abandoned in the grass.) "A young boy has been kidnapped here in the West Valley today..."
Fortunately neither of those scenarios occured and a mom asked me if I was looking for a little blond boy. "Yes," I said eagerly, "Was he barefoot?" It was him all right. My next question? "Was he crying?" I'm sure you all think I was hoping that he wasn't crying, that he was okay. But no, reader, I must report that I was hoping to hear that he was crying, thereby signifying that he had realized his folly and wasn't doomed to repeat it. No such luck. So it turns out he had gone to the trains, and random strangers took him up to the store, where he also wasn't crying. It's only a matter of time until he attempts to slip away again. Time to get out the leash!

Despite our little interlude of excitement, we really had a good time.


Melanie said...

Michael got lost in Cabella's in Nebraska right on I-80 when he 2 and I was terrified, turns out someone helped him to costumer service where he calmly told them who his mommy was, interestingly enough I was in tears and he was happy as could be, they gave him a sticker and a sucker.

Sam said...

"Exciting" adventure (hate those lost kid moments we all go through). My fav picture is of Isaac absolutely hugging that baby chick! Love, Sam

Fritzsche's said...

Looks like you had a good time and also a very frightening moment. I can't stand that feeling. I'm glad everything turned out ok. I love the little chickies!

Jolynn said...

Is this the same farm we went to last year? If so, it looks like they've added some things. They didn't have those bike thingys last year. They look fun. And oh, how I remember those horrible moments of suddenly realizing you don't know where your kid is (Jake was always the culprit for me)and those frantic searches where you start to think the worst has happened. You are going to have to be super on guard with Isaac.
Love, Mom

lexi said...

that farm looks like fun for the kiddies. cute picture. that story of isaac reminds me of the time we lost sareny in target. scary.

Vicki said...

I had a scary moment like that a few years ago with Evan. We were eating at McDonald's inside a Walmart and he decided that he needed to go to the bathroom. He didn't tell me and he took off when I turned my back for a second. Boy, my heart was beating out of my chest!

debra g said...

There seems to be a theme in all the comments. Boy=lost child. I'm doomed to lose Zane somewhere in the near future I fear. Yikes!

Marcie Osborn said...

I'm so jealous that the kids are still in SHORTS!!! I've only had one "lost" experience with Derek. Maybe its a boy thing. Talk about a frantic mom! We eventually found him wandering around with crocodile tears streaming down his face. He said he prayed that mommy would find him. Broke my heart.