Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Thank goodness for sudden bursts of energy

And for sleeping babies, and baby swings, and kids that will entertain themselves for a couple hours, and for kids that will do chores to earn the right to scrub the toilet.

I haven't felt very well for a couple of days, and things around my house have definitely suffered. Somehow today I managed to do a pretty good job of catching up. I did dishes, swept and mopped the floor, crushed a bunch of pop cans, scrubbed all three bathrooms and mopped them too, washed 3 loads of laundry, picked up the family room and vacuumed, cleaned up my bedroom and made my bed to boot. Lest you think I totally neglected my kids today, we did spend two hours at the park for a preschool field trip.
Still to come this evening: bathe the kids, fold all of those clean clothes, clean out the van, and hopefully, dinner at Panda Express. A mom and can only be expected to do so much, right?!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

When daddies are in charge, and other stuff

Sareny is in a preschool this year with some of her friends. One morning last week I had a Dr. appointment, so Keith stayed home with the kids and dropped her off at preschool. When I picked her up afterwards, this is what I found.
It was immediately clear to me that she had been getting into my mascara before Keith took her. Apparently this was not so obvious to daddy. I wonder what her teacher thought...

She looked a little too happy about things when I took her picture, so I told her she should try to look sad.
On Thursdays I pick up her friend Ty to take him to preschool. I have really enjoyed listening in on their conversations as we drive. Today:
Sareny: I got in a lot of trouble yesterday because I didn't remember the rules about toys. Now I can't have any friends over until I clean up.
Ty: We have rules. My mom has lots of rules.
Me: (thinking perhaps we should be instituting some of these rules):What rules do you guys have?
Ty: No dumping soda on the floor, and no kicking people in the face.
I guess those are rules we should probably have as well!
Later their conversation turned to what they had brought for show and tell.
Sareny: I brought my springs lightning. That's because I got it in the spring. (This is her shake and go Radiator Springs Lightning McQueen car. Last year her friend Caleb only wanted to play with the Radiator Springs car, so Sareny decided that one was the best.)
For at least a year, Sareny has maintained that she is going to marry her friend Zander. If you suggest she might change her mind later, she gets pretty huffy and says, "I already decided, and I'm marrying Zander!" Today I asked her if Zander liked another little girl they know. She said, "He loves me mucher than her! And we came out our mom's tummies, and we love each other and that's why we're trying to get married. We're bestest friends." This is all stated with quite an attitude.
I was slightly encouraged the other day after preschool, however, when she said "Mom, don't tell Daddy I love Jonathon." She still plans to marry Zander, but at least now she is willing to look at her other options, just in case things don't work out!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Aah...a finished project

I am the Queen of starting projects. I love starting something new--I feel such a rush of creative juices. When I'm beginning a project I work on it almost exclusively, obsessively. I lay in bed at night unable to sleep because I am picturing what I will work on the following day and envisioning a completed project. I have to capitalize on that burst of energy because if I don't, I lose steam quickly. I have an entire room dedicated to my collection of unfinished projects.
For a while there was a rumor circulating around our house that Keith would be taking over said room since I was "just using it as a storage room." I quelled any such notions.

Each of my children has a quilt that I made for them when they were born. I have started sewing each blanket before my baby made their appearance into the world. In keeping with tradition, Finley Lynn's quilt was finished a couple of months after she was born. In fairness, I did finish hers about a month ago and am just now blogging about it. It feels so great to finish something, especially when you have put so much effort and love into it.
And yes, I am currently working on several new projects...

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

It's all about the poop

Lately it seems my life is all about poop. Not my poop, mind you. But when you have two kids in diapers, and one whom it sometimes seems like she should be, well, you deal with a lot of poop on a daily basis.
Today was just your average run of the mill type of day. Sareny went #2, then proceeded to climb up onto the bathroom counter to talk to herself in the mirror and made a big smear all over. Kind of makes me thankful that I was a day late on my cleaning schedule, since yesterday was bathroom cleaning day.
Isaac, bless his little heart, is just an extremely "regular" little boy who goes three times a day. In a diaper. That sometimes leaks all over.
And Finley just accomplished the biggest blowout I have ever seen in my entire life. When I picked her up, I figured I must have forgotten to put a diaper on her since there was poop all over her and the swing. (And yes Johnny, it was even worse than the legendary bumbo incident.)
So I go from one stinkin' mess to another, occasionally getting a little frustrated. And then I look into their little faces. And fall in love.

Ask Sareny to pose and you get this.

Ask Isaac to pose and you get this.

Fashion Show

A couple of weeks ago, I went to a clearance sale at Mervyns. They had so many good deals and I just couldn't resist getting my kids some clothes for the winter and next spring. I got 14 items and spent $42. When we got home Sareny wanted to try on all of her clothes. She is just a little model!
Isaac showing the proper usage of his new pajamas.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Silly Kids

Excerpt of an actual conversation I've had with Isaac multiple times.
Isaac: Nee Mom!
Mom: Well, where did you put your nee?
Isaac: 'Tuz.
(Nee is his word for his sippy cup.)

Funny Prayers:

When Sareny was 22 months old, she loved watching Winnie the Pooh. We watched it a lot. One evening at dinner we put the movie on pause so we could say a prayer. Throughout the prayer, she chanted while pounding on the table, "Wee the Pooh! Wee the Pooh!"

Several times when we have been helping Isaac say the prayer, he starts out normal enough, parroting back what we tell him to say. Then he decides to make things easier for himself.
Us: Thank thee for mommy.
Isaac: ya (this is said with a little head nod and pronounced with a German accent so that it rhymes with blah.)
Us: Thank thee for Sissie.
Isaac: ya.
It's pretty silly.

Several months ago, Grammy Jo was helping Sareny say the dinner prayer. Grammy said, "And bless it to nourish us." Sareny said, "And bless the nurses." We all kind of snickered. Grammy prompted again, "and nourish us." Sareny, kind of exasperated now, "and the nurses."

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A clean toy room!

We have toys. A lot of toys. And lately, I have just been getting completely sick and tired of said toys being strewn from heck to breakfast all over my house. I don't know how so many of you out there manage to have it all together and keep your houses orderly and presentable, but this is something we struggle with over here. My kids can take a clean house and turn it into a CPS case faster than I can use the bathroom.

So it came down to this: either throw away all of the toys, or find some way to lock them away so that I can have control. We came up with the (rather expensive) solution of purchasing plastic bins with lids from Walmart and gigantic wardrobes with shelves from Ikea. And so, $600 and some serious hard labor later, I have a newly organized toy room.

Our new rule is they can each play with one bin at a time. If they want to play with something else, they have to clean up the first bin before they can get another out. And again, without the locks there is no way this system would work around here--not with these two around.
I am mad at how blurry this picture came out, but it is still cute.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

In Matthew...

Years ago at my older sister's mission farewell, my younger sister Cassidy got up to give her talk in sacrament, began with "In Matthew," and then ran back to her chair and never finished. We never got to hear any more of her talk. I have no idea what anyone else said that day, but I remember that Cassidy said, "In Matthew." Well, now we have another "Matthew" situation to remember.
Today at church Sareny was supposed to give the scripture in Primary. We had practiced at home and she seemed very prepared. I was at the podium helping her, and I prompted her to say "Matthew chapter six." She loudly said "Matthew chocolate chips." I got a good chuckle out of that one. My friend Sheila said she enjoys the weeks the Sunbeams are giving the talks and scriptures because you never know what you're going to get. Anyway, good job Sareny!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

little chefs

Sareny and Isaac were playing kitchen and Sare decided they needed to wear chef hats. She wanted me to wear one too, but sadly, they wouldn't fit on my head. However, being the smart little problem solver that she is, she improvised and put a pair of her panties on my head. It's unfortunate Keith isn't here to take a group photo.
Also, does everybody have trouble keeping clothes on their kids, or is it just me??

I have realized that Isaac doesn't like getting his picture taken. I have to chase him down every time and have used Brandi's "there's a spider on my head" trick a couple of times to get him to look at me.

Fin Lynn is so sweet--whenever I lay her down to change her diaper, she just smiles and smiles at me. She must know a nice airing out is coming!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

She's a talka-to me!

The title needs to be read in an Italian accent, as from Lady and the Tramp. Little Finley Lynn, who turned two months old today, has started talking and cooing at me. It is so adorable! She is getting to be so much fun, and we love her so much.

Monday, September 1, 2008

all about my hubband

So I was tagged recently and am finally getting around to it. You're supposed to answer questions about your husband. Someday when I learn how to use our scanner I will have to post some old photos of us when we were dating.

What is his name? Keith Nolin

How long have we been married? We just celebrated 10 years in May. And if you're counting, we married very young...like 15...Just kidding.

How long did we date? FOR-EVER! I think it was about a year and a half, but if you live in Provo, Utah, then you know that this is pretty darn long.

How old is he? 35, but I'm younger...lots younger!

Who eats more? Do I really have to answer this question?? I think we take turns.

Who said I love you first? I don't remember, and neither does he. Is that bad?

Who is taller? Me.

Who sings better? That would definitely be me.

Who is smarter? I would have to say Keith is. Although he usually says I am. But come on, who has the degree in Physics? Not me.

Whose temper is worse? This could possibly be me. Keith says I'm grouchier towards him, he is grouchier towards the kids.

Who pays the bills? What, we have bills? :) I pay the van payment, but he does the rest. I just hope nothing ever happens to him...I'm clueless.

Who does the laundry? I'm in charge of getting the clothes washed, he is in charge of folding them. Which leaves...nobody to put them away afterwards. :(

Who cooks dinner? Unless I give him several days notice that it is his turn, I cook dinner. Or if I tell him exactly what to prepare, he will cook it. Although he gets grouchy if I also try to tell him how to prepare it...

Who drives when together? Keith has this strange notion that we are supposed to take turns. It's weird. I have absolutely never seen my mom drive a vehicle if my dad is there to drive, but I do take my fair share. Especially on long trips. Seriously, my dad will drive for 15 hours straight though.

Who is more stubborn? Keith is the most stubborn person in the entire world, and he is proud of it to top it off.

Who is the first to admit when wrong? Me, me, also me. Keith just commented that it's hard to admit you're wrong when you're always right.

Who wears the pants in the family? We pretty much just go naked.

Who mows the lawn? Nobody. Have you seen the jungle that is our backyard?!

Who kissed who first? No comment.

Who proposed? He totally surprised me and swept me off my feet.

What is my favorite thing about him? He is understanding if he comes home from work and the house is, well, less than perfect. He has never said, "What did you do all day?" He encourages me to get out in the evenings away from the kids when I need it. He is the most helpful-around-the-house husband I have ever heard of. He eats whatever I cook and doesn't complain. That's more than one thing, but he is just my perfect match so there are many things that I love.

So if any of you haven't done this and would like to give it a try, then I tag you. :)