Sunday, July 12, 2009

Isaac turns 3!

We've left the terrible two's behind--bring on the three's!
We had a family birthday party for Isaac and Finley on Finley's birthday, which is 4 days after his. Here is my birthday boy and girl with their mommy.

We had Panda Express for dinner, of course, which is Isaac's favorite. Then he opened his presents.
A "shooter gun" from Sareny.

And a giant box from mommy and daddy...I had been waiting all day for this to be delivered and had finally decided it wouldn't get here in time for his party. We checked the porch one more time just before opening gifts, and it was there! I was so glad.
Inside was his very own plasma car!

I love my sweet little boy!


cassidy said...

Cute pictures! How perfect that his present got there just in time. You guys have such a cluster of birthdays in the June/July range. I guess I never noticed before, but next is Keith and you. Oh I think it's funny that in the picture of Isaac's "very own plasma car" Finley is the one sitting on it! Haha. Cute.

lexi said...

that last picture of igits is super cute. i cant believe he is 3 and finney is 1. i want to play with that shooter gun.

Tanya said...

In my experience the threes are worse than the two's but Isaac looks like such an angel I am sure he gives you no trouble. Fun pics!

Amy O'Neill said...

Looks like he loved his birthday! 3 is fun because they really get what is going on. :)

holli jo said...

Happy Birthday, Isaac! He looks so happy and excited. :) And I also thought it was funny that Finney claimed his very own plasma car.

The Dominguez Family said...

happy b day isaac!

cute necklace Hillari

Dot said...

Joben and Isaac are both 3 now! How did that happen so fast?

Cute pics.

Jolynn said...

Looks like a fun time was had by all. Love the pics of cute little Isaac. I'm glad his very own plasma car got there just in time (in time for Finney to jump on it, that is!) How could Isaac be three already??? Love you brudder!