Saturday, July 4, 2009

These kiddos make my heart melt like a popsicle on the Fourth of July

I have always loved the Fourth of July. When I was younger it was my very favorite holiday--yes even better than Christmas. Maybe that's because it meant my birthday was just weeks away. But more likely it's because it was time we spent with family--cousins, grandparents, aunts and uncles. To me, the Fourth of July will always remind me of small-town parades in Fillmore and scurrying to gather up salt-water taffy. It's the day long picnic and games in the little park by my grandma's house in Scipio. My very favorite activity was the races.
Every year, I would line up with the other kids in my age group and race to the finish line, hoping to collect the prize of a couple quarters. My heart would race with anticipation and a little fear. I was so worried I wouldn't finish first, but at least as I remember it, I usually did. I thought about the races year round, waiting and waiting for July to come.
Now I live in a gigantic city with none of the small town charm and innocence from my childhood. One day soon, I hope, my own children will get to experience the Fourth of July the way I remember it. But for now, we are able to enjoy barbeques with good friends and a decent fireworks show that's just down the road. I still make my kids a new patriotic outfit, just like my mom did for us. Sorry Isaac, I just thought homemade shorts might be a little nerdy. :(
It was difficult to get a decent picture of the kids in their patriotic finery, since one kid was grouchy and one kept wandering away...this is the best we could do.


holli jo said...

Cute skirts! And super cute kids. Maybe Isaac is sad he didn't get some nerdy shorts?

Funny, I don't have the same feelings about the 4th at all. I really did not like those races, so the 4th isn't as awesome for me.

I hope yours was a good one this year. Too bad we couldn't be there.

Jolynn said...

They look really cute, but poor Isaac! And you forgot to mention the traditional July 4th treat you HAVE to have! (homemade ice cream sandwiches with chocolate chip cookies and mint chip ice cream in the middle)

lexi said...

i love those kids dressed up all patriotic. and sadly i dont recall past july 4th celebrations. i really really want one of your treats.

Vicki said...

Cute skirts! Ya, I think homemade shorts would have been nerdy!

shauntel said...

i think homemade shorts would've been fine if you used like dark blue and red plaid. i mean, he's only 3.

i like the girls' skirts.

Amy O'Neill said...

I love the skirts you made! Way cute! You have been busy sewing lately!