Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A Family Hike

I mentioned in an earlier post how we are trying to help our children (and ourselves) be more active. Two weekends ago, we took the kids on a little family hike out at Estrella Mountain. It wasn't super long, but was a good distance for our family.

Isaac said he was tired about 100 yards into the hike, and I was a little concerned, but that was actually the last he mentioned it until we were almost back at the van. I was so proud! He wanted to hold my hand the entire time. And apparently, while I took a ton of adorable pictures of Finley, I didn't get any of just him. Guess it's part of the whole middle child thing. :(

Finley really enjoyed the hike, and was happy to be able to walk. I think it was partly she was excited about her new shoes, and partly just being together outdoors.
She walked probably half of the hike, which tells you a) it really wasn't that long of a hike and b) it was mostly pretty easy terrain. She spent the other half of the hike like this.

Sareny had to make sure she was the leader. If anyone started to pass her, she would race ahead so she could make sure to still be the leader (an oldest kid thing?) She also had a great time and asked when we could go back.

We really had such a nice time, we are going to start going on hikes more often. I think I've been assuming the kids weren't able to do things like that, and they went and proved me wrong and had a great time doing it.


Tanya said...

Our season for being in the outdoors is over. I am jealous looking at your pictures. We have seven long months of cold in front of us!

bethany said...

I am so jealous of your shorts!! Why did we move to UT? Why?
It's snowing here..... :(

cassidy said...

Those kids are so dang cute! I'm glad they are getting outside and active. That is a good habit to make.

lexi said...

sounds like fun. fin is cute in all those pictures. i wish i could wear shorts... its too cold.