Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Kids having fun

Finley likes playing in the rocks while we wait outside in the morning for Sareny's ride to school.

Makes me wonder both how she gets into this position, and how she manages to balance in it.

It is really difficult to tear Isaac away from the computer. But I'm trying. It is not easy. This day we got out his bike, twist car, and trike. He remarked that he was tired after riding his bike only 2 garage lengths, so I was surprised that I was able to keep him busy outside for an entire hour. I was proud.

It's nice that it's finally cooling off!

Love the tongue sticking out.

A few weeks ago we went somewhere that Sareny had the chance to "ice skate." It wasn't actually real ice, it was some weird plastic stuff, but it felt quite a bit like ice skating. (I know, because I got out there to help her. Turns out she didn't really need my help. Also turns out, ice skating is very tiring on the ankles!)

She did so good!

The instructors told them to keep their arms out to the side, and she was very diligent about this. Maybe that's why she never fell down! And in case you're wondering, I didn't fall down either. Thank goodness!


Vicki said...

I've never heard of a fake ice skating rink before, weird! I can't believe Sareny didn't fall, sounds like she did a great job!

lexi said...

that first picture of finley made me laugh. and good job getting isaac off the computer! the fake ice skating sounds cool. i like how sareny kept her arms out. she did so good though and didn't fall.

Jolynn said...

Sareny looks all growed up! I can't believe how different she looks these days! It has been too long since we saw those kiddos. She looks adorable skating along with her arms out. I can't believe she never even fell down! Good for her (and you!) Sounds like fun.

cassidy said...

Fin is so dang cute! I like those pictures of her. And I can't believe Isaac and his computer addiction! I'm glad he got a little bit of activity outdoors, though. And the fake ice skating rink looks pretty cool. Sareny looks really cute - her hair is getting long!