Thursday, March 18, 2010

A visit from Grammy Jo and Bampa

Grammy Jo and Bampa came to visit us the last weekend in February. Since they got here Thursday night, we were able to go to Sareny's school the next day to have lunch with her, and then Grammy and Bampa got to read to her class. Sareny and Isaac got to sit up front in the special chairs.
The class is really good at listening!
It was so special to have her grandparents visit her school and classroom!
After visiting her school, Keith and Bampa returned to the golf course and Grammy Jo and I went to Hobby Lobby. Among other purchases, we got the ribbon to make these cute little hair things for the girls.
We had them model them for us.
Adorable hair things and girls!
Isn't this the cutest little grin?!
Cute sisters!
Meanwhile Isaac got hurt on the swingset. :( Notice the pouty lip.
Telling Grammy Jo all about it.
Loves from Grammy!
I tried to get a cute group shot, but after 10+ pictures, this was the best that I got.
More to come on their visit in a future post!


lexi said...

i love all of the pictures. they are so cute! i love that picture of fin smiling! how fun that grammy jo and bampa got to visit sareny's school and read to the class. those are also cute hair things. hey where can i get that ribbon fray stuff?

cassidy said...

What a fun kick-off to Grammy Jo and Bampa's visit. I would have loved to have my grandparents come visit my class and have lunch with me!

The bows are super cute. And cute little Igits snuggling with his Grammy.

Tanya said...

Okay Hill, you like to make me look bad! I LOVE the bows!! Teach me!! So fun that your mom got to read to Sereny's class. It looks like she has a really fun classroom.

debra g said...


Myrna Foster said...

I think you should do a step-by-step lesson on how to make adorable hair bows for your next blog. ;)

Your kids are so cute! Thanks for sharing the pictures with us.

What's the bush with the purple flowers behind them in the last photo?

hillari said...

I don't actually know what that purple bush is called--and actually it's a vine, it just is looking kind of bushy right now. When I bought it, I took a picture of a neighbor's vine and asked the nursery what it was and got one!

Jolynn said...

I love your pictures and am so grateful that you shared with me, since I forgot my camera. We had the best time with you guys! Hopefully we can come and visit again really soon. We love to come and see you all. You always make us feel so welcome too. Thanks for a great weekend!