Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Science Center

About a month ago (I know, I am behind.) I took Finley and Isaac to the Science Center during the day. We went with the Slinkers, who also had Robbie with them. We started the day off in the kids play area. The boys worked on building this fence.
Finley found a dumptruck just her size, and Isaac got serious about that fence.

We went upstairs, and I was so surprised that Isaac agreed to lay on the bed of nails. Here he is anticipating the nails coming up.
Still happy, with thousands of nails poking him in the back.
We had fun building a dam together.
And then we took in the sensory nature show. It's actually pretty cool, and simulates an earthquake, fire, rain, etc. Despite their earplugging--they did enjoy it, although Alayna had to take Addy out of the area entirely because she did not like it at all.
We enjoyed taking our pictures and recording our voices on the computer and then playing around with them.
I knew it was time to go when Finley started doing her tired leg kick. Ever since she was a baby, when she is tired, she gets down on all fours, lifts her right leg up into the air and kicks it around. I'm not sure why she does this. But it is always the right leg, never the left. Anyway, a sure-fire signal that someone was t-i-r-e-d.

We enjoyed a quick picnic lunch in the cafeteria, and then headed home. We had a great time!


lexi said...

isaac is so brave! i want to go to the sensory nature show, its sounds kind of cool. how weird that fin does that tired leg kick. hey did you record yourself singing? because i can totally imagine you would.

Meghan said...

that place looks so cool. i wish we had one... maybe we'll come visit ;). i love the leg kick. i wish we had a sure fire indicator.... i hope she loses it by the time she goes to kindergarten though. :)

cassidy said...

That science center is awesome. Honolulu has one but I'm pretty sure it's kind of crappy and really expensive. The kids look like they had lots of fun. Especially Isaac! And Finney's leg kick...how odd. And funny. Silly girl.

Jolynn said...

I have seen Finney do the tired leg kick and it is pretty dang funny and cute. That picture of Isaac anticipating the nails is so cute! What a fun time!