Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Easter Finery

The kids wore their Easter finery to church the week after Easter. I tried to line them up and get a cute picture, but that was apparently expecting too much. I think the sun was too bright for Isaac, because he kept using Napolean Dynamite eyes. I like different people in different poses--too bad I don't know how to photoshop and select the best pose of each individual.
I wish Sareny didn't have her hand on her face in the above photo--she looks darling in the below one. The other kids, not so much.
This one is pretty cute...if only Isaac would have opened his eyes wider!
I love the look on little Finey's face in this one.
Anyway, so you see my dilemna about the pictures. Oh well, I guess it does kind of reflect their true personalities a little bit!


Jolynn said...

These pictures are so cute, and they are the kind the kids will looks back on someday and just laugh. Ol' Isaac with his shirt half untucked, and Finney smashing her hat against the wall, and Sareny with her missing tooth.....they are adorable just the way they are, no photo shopping.

cassidy said...

I love Finney's faces! She is so cute. And Sareny's missing tooth is mighty cute too! I like Isaac's tie...James has one that looks very similar. Very cute Easter photos. I agree with Mom, someday your kids are going to look at those and think it's so fun.

lexi said...

those kids are so cute!

Tanya said...

Your kids look so much like you! They all look so beautiful in their Easter clothes!

scipiosal said...

I loved every single picture of those adorable children of yours. Wouldn't photo shop anything. That last picture of Finley looks alot like her "Grammy Jo!"