Monday, May 10, 2010

Isaac's field trip

Isaac had a field trip to Peter Piper Pizza a couple of weeks ago. Not really very educational, but lots of fun! They gave us a tour of the kitchen area, which I actually found pretty facsinating. We watched how they roll out the dough into huge strips, which they actually roll onto a spool. After the tour, the kids got to make their own little pizzas.
Isaac with his friend Kami.

Putting the finishing touches on their pizzas.

Finley got to make a pizza too.

Isaac shows off the final product.

A drink and a couple of tokens per kid were included in the price, so the kids all had fun playing the games, of course. This field trip was for the letter X, and Sister Stinnett tied it in by saying we were making pizzas with eXtra cheese. :) It was actually a really fun little outing.


cassidy said...

I love that last picture of Isaac smiling with his pizza. He's so cute. That field trip looks very fun and yummy!

Jolynn said...

That looks like such a fun field trip. I dare say you kids never got to go on such a fun pre-school trip! I can't believe how grown up Finley is looking these days. And cute little Isaac is so proud of his pizza. Can't wait to see you guys at the reunion!

lexi said...

i want pizza right now. that is cool the kids got to make their own little pizza. it looks like a fun field trip.

Phil and Stacie said...

That's my kind of field trip!!

Vicki said...

MMMMMMM! Cute idea!

Tanya said...

If Isaac isn't the cutest little guy, I don't know who is. Looks like fun!