Monday, May 3, 2010

Easter Morning

Okay, here is the promised Easter post! We had a pretty awesome Easter this year. Especially good was this year's chocolate Easter bunnies.

Last year, after taking a bite of a rather sub-par chocolate Easter bunny, Sareny asked why the Easter bunny brought them yucky candy. The Easter bunny has a long memory, and made sure to improve the taste this year. He solicited the help of an expert candy maker he knows, who molded these cute bunnies filled with delicious caramel. Much better than last year!

Here are the Easter baskets before the mayhem began.
The kids checking out their baskets. Apparently the Easter bunny is not aware that gum is frowned upon in our house.

Then the hunt began. There were some tricky eggs, and each kid got a special golden egg with a dollar coin in it. Isaac spotted the trickiest egg of all.

Daddy helped Sareny get it down. We couldn't figure out how the Easter bunny managed to get the egg up there.

The aftermath.

The girls both got little cabbage patch babies, and Isaac got a megablocks Mack truck, which you can see on the floor behind the girls.

This next picture just seems so bizarrely artistic, I had to include it. I was trying to take a picture of the girls, and at the last minute Isaac stuck his cotton candy in front of the camera.

I love this one too. It just kind of says it all.



lexi said...

the easter bunny didnt even come to my house this year. he only seems to come when i am at my parents house... weird. did everyone eat those chocolates that isaac's feet were touching? looks like a fun easter.

Andrew, Amy, Evelyn& Owen said...

I'm impressed by those chocolate bunnies!!

debra g said...

Your house is all changed around! Looks great. And it looks like the kids had loads of fun!

Jolynn said...

I love that last picture of Isaac, and Finney is so cute in all of them with her expressions. Yay for Sareny to get to be the one to get the special egg down. It looked a little scary! Looks like they all had a great Easter.