Tuesday, November 23, 2010


While Sareny was off on Fall Break, we took the opportunity to go camping. The kids were pretty excited, and we were all glad the portable DVD player was working...

We found a campsite just outside of Prescott, and it was so beautiful! The campsite was a relatively short walk away from a lake.

Finley walked some of the way...

And enjoyed a ride some of the way...

And then we made it to the lake.

My sweet kids.

Sareny was being rather silly, but I didn't mind because I got this awesome shot of her missing front teeth.

Finley enjoys the peaceful views afforded by the lake.

Isaac stops to pose for the camera.

Sareny snatches my sunglasses.
It was so pretty there, and I love leaving the city life behind and just relaxing in nature for a couple of days.
I love taking pictures of my kids! Someday, when they are all grown up, they will appreciate it.
I think maybe if they weren't so darn cute, I could resist more.
We had a really nice time just being together as a family!


cassidy said...

How fun! It's nice to get away from busy life and have nothing to do for a few days. Those kids are so cute - especially Sareny with her missing front teeth. Are two front teeth all she wants for Christmas?

Jolynn said...

Well, as you know I don't even like camping that much, but I really wish we could have been there with you. It actually looks fun.....The kiddos are so cute in those pics. I especially love the last two. Sareny with her toothless grin is super cute.

lexi said...

cute kids! i miss them already. that looks like a fun camping trip during fall break.