Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Science Center

About a month ago (I know, I am behind.) I took Finley and Isaac to the Science Center during the day. We went with the Slinkers, who also had Robbie with them. We started the day off in the kids play area. The boys worked on building this fence.
Finley found a dumptruck just her size, and Isaac got serious about that fence.

We went upstairs, and I was so surprised that Isaac agreed to lay on the bed of nails. Here he is anticipating the nails coming up.
Still happy, with thousands of nails poking him in the back.
We had fun building a dam together.
And then we took in the sensory nature show. It's actually pretty cool, and simulates an earthquake, fire, rain, etc. Despite their earplugging--they did enjoy it, although Alayna had to take Addy out of the area entirely because she did not like it at all.
We enjoyed taking our pictures and recording our voices on the computer and then playing around with them.
I knew it was time to go when Finley started doing her tired leg kick. Ever since she was a baby, when she is tired, she gets down on all fours, lifts her right leg up into the air and kicks it around. I'm not sure why she does this. But it is always the right leg, never the left. Anyway, a sure-fire signal that someone was t-i-r-e-d.

We enjoyed a quick picnic lunch in the cafeteria, and then headed home. We had a great time!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Shirt Makeover

At the beginning of the school year I bought Sareny a school spirit shirt. Let's face it, it is huge and looks horrible. She never wore it, and who could blame her?
I finally got around to fixing it up a little. I think it looks a lot better.
Here's what I did--I cut off the sleeves but left them intact. Using a shirt she wears, I cut the shirt down to size. (Okay, I accidentally cut it a little bit smaller than her size. So I added in the decorative black contrast panels, which I think actually look pretty good.)I added some elastic into the ends of the sleeves, stretching the elastic taut as I attached it. And that's how you can take a large, shapeless T-shirt:

and turn into a cute, girlie shirt:

Friday, March 26, 2010

Grammy's and Bampa's visit

We went to the zoo on Saturday. Here we are looking at the snakes.
A prairie dog.

Bampa showing Fin the prairie dogs.

Still looking at the prairie dogs...

They are such good grandparents!

One of my favorite things about the zoo is that you can ride bikes there. My kids need all the exercise they can get, and they have a lot of fun zooming around on their bikes. Someday I would like to rent one of the 6 person bikes there--that would be awesome!

It looks like they're all enjoying the African landscape together--but actually Grammy Jo is talking to Cass on the phone.

A little hidy-hole.

I love the babboons. They are so strange.

Near the babboons.
I also enjoy the monkey village. I could watch them scampering around for hours. Grammy and Fin enjoying the monkey village.
Two little buddies.

A majestic bald eagle. Even though Benjamin Franklin preferred the wild turkey for the symbol of our nation's freedom, I'm glad they went with this guy.

We finished off our day at the zoo in the kid's play areas and let them run around and burn off a little bit of their never-ending supply of energy.

My precious little pearls.
A two-headed turtle!

On the giant spider web. This was what Sareny was most looking forward to all day--as soon as we got to the zoo, she kept asking if we could go to the spider web.

We wore one kid out, at least.

My cute mom and dad.

The lighting on this picture was terrible, but it was such a silly picture I played around with it a little so you could see the face Sareny was making.

They love the cactus slide.

I love tongue sticking out pictures!

Sort of a cute family...if you pretend that everyone is looking at the camera and has their eyes open.

Isaac wanted someone to follow around behind him and hold onto his hood. It started out just on hills, but by the end of the day, he wanted someone holding on at all times. I'm glad he's gotten over that!

We enjoyed a little picnic lunch outside the zoo by some water. It was a really nice day. Then we headed home. We apparently didn't do a good enough job at wearing out the children, as nobody napped when we got home. Well, possibly a couple of the adults did...

Grammy Jo and Bampa got to come to church with us the next day, and I wanted a picture of them and the kids all dressed up and looking nice.
We always have so much fun when they visit us, and can't wait for them to come back!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Happy to you!

Six years ago today, my baby girl Sareny Agnes was born. I can't believe it has been that long! We have loved having her in our family, and I really do cherish nearly every minute with her. We have the tradition in our family that you get to pick where we eat on your birthday, and this year, just like last year, she picked Texas Roadhouse. She had the ribs, but most importantly, she got to sit on the saddle while everyone gave her big Texas "Yeeeeeee-hah!" Since I have Young Women tonight (which she is pretty mad about) we went out to dinner last night but will have cupcakes and ice cream and open gifts tonight. She is also excited for us to come and have lunch with her at school today. Happy Birthday to my beautiful little girl!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

A visit from Grammy Jo and Bampa

Grammy Jo and Bampa came to visit us the last weekend in February. Since they got here Thursday night, we were able to go to Sareny's school the next day to have lunch with her, and then Grammy and Bampa got to read to her class. Sareny and Isaac got to sit up front in the special chairs.
The class is really good at listening!
It was so special to have her grandparents visit her school and classroom!
After visiting her school, Keith and Bampa returned to the golf course and Grammy Jo and I went to Hobby Lobby. Among other purchases, we got the ribbon to make these cute little hair things for the girls.
We had them model them for us.
Adorable hair things and girls!
Isn't this the cutest little grin?!
Cute sisters!
Meanwhile Isaac got hurt on the swingset. :( Notice the pouty lip.
Telling Grammy Jo all about it.
Loves from Grammy!
I tried to get a cute group shot, but after 10+ pictures, this was the best that I got.
More to come on their visit in a future post!