Sunday, March 27, 2011

You've had a birthday, shout hooray!

And maybe shout hooray because I finally paid to be able to blog with pictures again. Yay! Our little diva turned seven last week and she wanted to have a rockstar party. I designed the invitations to look like concert tickets. And by the way, I spent a bit of time on them, so if anyone ever wants to copy this idea, email me and I would be happy to send you the file I used so you don't have to create your own from scratch.

First the guests walked up the star lined sidewalk.
They could locate their name on one of the stars.
Then they picked out a leather bracelet to decorate.
Then it was over to the rockstar buffet table to get glammed up. (Or for the boys, I don't know, duded up I guess.) The boys didn't get quite as exciting a selection as the girls.
The boys selected a rocking bandana to wear. The girls got a sequined shrug, face glitter, sticker earings, chain necklaces, and glitter spray for their hair. Both got black streaks in their hair.
Partly because I am insane, and partly because, well, we'll just go with insane on this one, I made a sequined glitter shrug for each girl to wear. This fabric is not easy to sew on, and I made ten of them total. Plus I made Sareny a matching dress to wear over leggings.
Then we had a photo shoot. The group (minus the boy who walked in, said it was too girly, dropped off his present and left, and the boy who arrived a little late.) Renae, Allie, Abigail, Sareny, Emily, Emily, Sammy, Isaac, Finley, Bobbie Jo, Keira.
Sareny the rockstar.
That fabulous new group Falltrocity
The cake.
I took it as a compliment when I asked Sareny if she thought this was the coolest cake ever, and she said it was really cool, but last year's cake was even better.
She used one breath per candle, and let me tell you there were some scary moments where I thought her hair might go up in flames considering how close it was getting to the candles, and how very much hairspray and glitterspray was on it...
The kids got to take home with them their shrugs, chains, bandanas, and a cd we made them with their rockstar picture on the cover. I think everyone had a great time!


cassidy said...

Hill, you ARE insane! That party looks super fun for the kids, but like lots of work for you! You are so nice to create the perfect party for Sareny. Also, I kind of feel bad for the one boy at the mostly girls party.

Happy birthday, Sareny!

Jolynn said...

I was thinking the same thing about that poor boy, but he seemed like he had fun anyway. I mean, isn't that every boy's dream, to be surrounded by lots of cute girls? (Not at that age, for sure!) Hill, you out did yourself on this one! How cute and clever. I hope your kids appreciate what a great Mom they have!!!!

bethany said...

this is awesome! love those little shrugs-you thought of everything!! you are so creative hillari!

lexi said...

do you want to come plan my birthday party? this is seriously such a fun birthday, but lots of work for you. i love the sparkly shrugs. i cant believe sareny blew out one candle per breath... what a silly girl.

Christina Overton said...

Wow! How fun! You are super creative!

Tanya said...

What a fun party! You are super creative and energetic! I won't let my kids look at your blog so they won't be mad their mom is a total slacker!

holli jo said...

I'm with Tanya! How am I supposed to impress Rhys with my meager efforts when you go all out?!

But it looked like a ton of fun. I'm sure Lexi wishes she could have been there to model her rock star look. I hope Sareny had a fun day!

debra g said...

What a super fun party! You are so great at making every milestone in your kid's lives special.