Saturday, September 3, 2011

My Silly Boy

Isaac has made me laugh a couple of times today, so I wanted to write them down so I can always remember and get a chuckle over him.

Earlier today, I was lecturing him about not putting our good cups in the sand at the park.
Me: So, in the future, please leave the cups on the table.
Isaac: Plus, in the future they have hover-boards.

Despite having about 5 pairs of flip-flops and a nice cubby in the laundry room to store them, he can never seem to find matching shoes when it is time to go anywhere.
Keith: So who do you think has been wearing your shoes and then losing them?
Isaac: Apparently Finley.
This is especially cute said in his little 5 year old voice that still can't pronounce things, ie. "Finwee," and with a tone like he has just solved a big mystery.

I love that boy!


lexi said...

igits is so funny!

cassidy said...

Silly Igits! James and I are laughing at how funny he is. James especially likes that Isaac knows about hover-boards.

Jolynn said...

Too cute! I love that boys too! He makes me laugh every time I think about him saying that about the hover boards!!