Thursday, September 1, 2011

In which our friends came to visit

Back in June sometime, our friends the Chilton's visited us from the East side of town. We had a great time--we went swimming at Starpointe, then came back to our house for dinner. The kids watched a movie, while we played a game. We all forgot to take any pictures until the evening was nearly over, but I snapped a few of the kids watching a movie. I thought it was cute how Isaac was all buddied up to Claire.
Then a couple of days later, I just thought the girls looked cute and they were wearing their new hairbows that I had made them.


Jolynn said...

Cute kiddos. The hair bows look super cute too. The chiltons are the ones that came to Thanksgiving with us that one year, right? (Shan-taael, as Sareny pronounced it back then?)

holli jo said...

Everybody's kids look so old. :(

lexi said...

those kids are so cute. i remember thanksgiving with the chilton's, it was fun to have them. sounds like you had a fun night with them.