Monday, September 12, 2011

You've had a birthday, shout hurray!

Finley turned 3, and we celebrated with a Minnie Mouse birthday party. I made her a little polka-dot skirt with a Minnie shirt and ears. She looked so adorable and wanted to wear her outfit the whole day.
Almost as important as what to wear to the party is the cake.
This cake should have been really easy, but started to turn into a cake wreck. The ears were originally made out of sugar cookies baked onto lollipop sticks, but the weight of the cookies dragged them down. So I had to cheat and re-do the ears out of cardboard.
The invitation. The party info was listed on the other side.
The lineup of kids: Alora, Finley, Sareny, Isaac, Emily, Elise, Andrew, Allie, Will. I made ears for each kid to wear.
We had a Minnie pinata.
We also played hot potato with a little beanbag made out of the same fabric as Finley's skirt, pin the flower on Minnie, and decorated Mickey/Minnie sugar cookies. Then it was time to blow out the candles.
We had one disaster occur--as birthday girl, Finley got to pick out what kind of ice cream she wanted for her party. When Keith went to get it out of our garage freezer, he discovered that the breaker had popped and our freezer had been shut off for a long time, and everything in it was ruined. Sad, and no ice cream. The kids hardly seemed to notice though, so that was good. Then Finley opened her presents.
I think she had a great birthday!


bethany said...

Such a cute idea to do the Minnie Mouses themed party! Love the ears! :) Storey refuses to ever wear hers--she says they are only for Disneyland.

Karena said...

Such a cute party! You are very creative! Sad about the freezer, hopefully you didn't have much in it.

Jolynn said...

What a cute party. I wish we could have been there. :( But Finley looks cute as can be as Minnie. You have to have her wear that outfit when you go to Dis! Very clever party. I didn't know about your freezer though. That is awful. Hopefully it wasn't too big of a mess.

debra g said...

Once again, amazing job!!! :)

cassidy said...

That cake is totally cute! I love Fin's Minnie outfit too. I agree with Mom, she def has to wear it to Disneyland! Cute party!