Saturday, February 25, 2012

Christmas Festivities

In preparation for Christmas, Sareny had a school holiday concert. She got all dressed up and looked beautiful. She was a little sad and mad when the girl standing right next to her ended up wearing the same dress, but it wasn't too noticable. Probably the only people who noticed were us and that girl's parents.
I always love school concerts. The kids have been practicing for weeks and are always so excited.
A couple of days later, we headed to our local school that was hosting a breakfast with Santa event. The kids all took a turn sitting on Santa's lap and telling him what they wanted. I believe Finley told him she wanted a dolly and a necklace.
I'm sure everyone would be shocked that Isaac told Santa he wanted a wii game.
Sareny told Santa she wanted an ipod touch, and he told her lots of children were asking for those this year.
Then it was time for a group photo. At the last minute, Sareny remembered she was deathly afraid of Santa and started to cry. I think she was actually sneezing, but it looks pretty silly.
We reassured her that it would be okay, and she settled right down for a nice picture. :)


lexi said...

i cant believe the girl next to sareny wore the same dress! i would be mad too. and i laugh at the picture of sareny "crying" on santa's lap. it is quite funny.

Jolynn said...

What are the odds that the girl right next to her would have the exact same dress on?? But you were right, you couldn't really tell. I would have loved to be there for her concert. Remember last year when she was singing "Paint the Town December" all during Thanksgiving? That was just so cute. They all look so cute on Santa's lap. But what's up with Sareny "(fake)crying"? I didn't think she was scared of Santa?!