Saturday, February 11, 2012

Sareny's Class Field Trip

Sareny's class had a field trip to a dairy at the beginning of December, and I got selected as one of the chaperones. She was excited to have me along, and I was glad that the smell of cows didn't make me sick, since I was (and still am, of course) pregnant. Above is a picture of her class, with her teacher Ms. Lizarraga. Then the kids enjoyed playing around in the hay and jumping off.

The kids sampled some flavored milk, which Sareny of course did not like. Then they went on a hayride tour of the dairy. Here she is sitting by Aimee and KcKenna.
Looking at the cows eating.
Then they petted and fed some of the animals.

The sheep licked her hand, and she wasn't sure about that.
A donkey nibbling a carrot off of Sareny's hand.
You can kind of tell from these pictures, but it was a cold day at the farm!
After some sack lunches, everybody got some ice cream. This was the group of kids I was in charge of--there was supposed to be one little girl in our group, but she was absent that day. Really, other than lunchtime, the kids just hung out with whoever they wanted.
Sareny with her friend Renee from church.
Back on the bus with her friend McKenna.
I thought we were headed back to the school an hour early, and that was fine by me. But nope! The bus made a surprise stop at a park for the kids to run around. It was actually a pretty big park and was able to accomodate the whole second grade pretty well. I felt kind of bad for the few kids who were there playing when we got there.
I took a long turn on tire swing duty, timing the kids' turns and pushing them.
Sareny climbed up this structure.
And then we finally really did head back to the school. I was glad I got to go along on her class trip!


cassidy said...

That looks like a fun field trip. And that's fun that you got to go along. But seriously, how did you not puke?? The smell of cows and all of those kids running around would have made me sick for sure.

hillari said...

The farther along I am, the more sick I get and the more smells, etc. bother me. So I probably would puke if I went now! I am backwards of how it is supposed to be.

Jolynn said...

How fun for Sareny that you got to go chaperone the field trip! And she does look kind of cold in the pictures. Especially in those shorts!!!! You know Grammy Jo would not have approved of that!