Thursday, March 7, 2013

I know you'll have a hard time believing this...

...this cute little girl could ever cause any problems. I kind of have a hard time believing it too when I look at that sweet little face.
These days, if I sit down at the computer desk for a moment, I have a little helper who hurries right over. That doesn't sound too terrible until you consider that she is doing one of two things: Option one is she is either trying to climb up on my lap to help me type and wallow around trying to grab everything on the computer desk, also making me type one handed. Option two is she is scratching at the holes in the wall that are lurking just beneath the desk. The holes are left behind from the previous owners and I had completely forgotten they were there until I heard some scrabbling under the desk, and when Keeley had something in her mouth,  it turned out to be drywall. Not ideal situations either one.
It was a sad day around here when she discovered that she no longer needed to lunge for whatever cupboard someone was looking in--she could open whatever cupboard she wanted all on her own. I was getting very frustrated putting the contents of every cupboard away multiple times a day. One day she dumped an entire bag of Rice Krispies all over the floor while I did the dishes.
Fortunately, I felt the cereal was no big loss, since it had been banging around in there for a while and nobody was eating it. But the mess! It is just no fun to have somebody running around making messes faster than you can clean them up. We promptly went out and bought some cupboard locks.
There are a few cupboards that can't lock, but we have seven side-by-side lower cabinets that she can no longer get into. And yeah, I did say seven. That is a lot, hence you can imagine just how big of a mess she was able to make. It's too bad there isn't a magic button solution to all of life's problems. Like the universal truth that if it is time to make dinner or you have some other deadline, there is going to be a little girl screaming and pulling on your leg, preventing you from moving. Every time.

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