Sunday, March 3, 2013

Valentine's Day

Isaac came home from school on Valentine's day wearing this cute little hat he made in fun centers. He did a great job on it and was so cute.
 Finley wanted to try it on.
 Finley's preschool class had a party, and Finley got this cute heart eye mask thing.
 She looked so cute running around in it!
For dinner on Valentine's, we had pink or red food, and it was pretty yummy. On the menu was pink breadsticks, strawberries and pink fruit dip, and spaghetti with a yummy meat sauce.
When I went to take a picture of the breadsticks, Isaac and Finley thought it would be cool to have their hands in the picture, grabbing a breadstick. Pretty cute and funny--it just kind of makes me giggle.

We finished the meal off with some delicious vanilla flavored pink cupcakes, and ice cream that I picked out for it's flavor, not it's color, so rather than pink it was peanut butter. Yum!
The kids all got some candy and a giftcard to their favorite--QT. Keith got a giftcard to Lowe's, which he of course promptly spent on supplies for the swingset, and I got a couple rolls of vinyl for my Silhouette. I think we were all pretty thrilled!
 What sweet, adorable kids. Have I mentioned that I love them so?

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Jolynn said...

What a fun valentine's day! I'm jealous..........Dad and I just gave each other cards. Love your fun dinner; we could at least do that I guess. Next year.